Equine Veterinary Services

Our Staff

A list of the staff at the Dick Vet Equine Practice


Name Role
Ms Louise Cornish Senior Lecturer in Equine Practice, Head of Equine Practice
Mr Chris Calder Lecturer in Equine Practice, Deputy Head of Equine Practice
Mrs Jennifer Clements Senior Lecturer in Equine Practice
Dr Suzanne W Duncan Lecturer in Equine Practice
Ms Francisca Goncalves Lecturer in Equine Practice
Mr John Pate Lecturer in Equine Practice
Kirsty Pharoah Lecturer in Equine Practice
Mrs Jill Thomson Lecturer in Equine Practice

Vet Services

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Ms Elinor Muir Equine Vet Services Manager

Client Care Team

Name Role
Lindsey Campbell Veterinary Client Care, Insurance & Referral Coordinator- Equine
Noemi Gero Veterinary Client Care, Insurance & Referral Coordinator
Susan Ingram Veterinary Client Care, Insurance & Referral Coordinator- Equine
Lynn White Client Care Services Assistant - Equine

We are also fortunate to have the assistance of dedicated equine nurses and grooms based in the hospital whenever required.

For emergency cover out of hours we are occasionally helped out by ‘resident’ vets from the hospital – these vets have spent time working in general practice and are undergoing further training in order to become specialists in either equine medicine or equine surgery, so you will be in safe hands should you require their assistance.