Equine Veterinary Services

Upper respiratory surgery

Our soft tissue surgery team offers a wide range of procedures involving diagnosis, management and treatment of upper respiratory tract disorders including sinus surgery, laryngeal and palate surgery which may be performed using laser surgical treatments.

Some of our respiratory surgery cases have had exceptional racing careers, with one racehorse winning over 50 jumping races.

We are at the forefront of worldwide clinical expertise and research into equine upper respiratory tract disorders, with multiple journal  and textbooks publications  in this area and our team regularly lecturing internationally on the subject.

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnostic evaluation of horses with suspected sinus disorders usually includes a thorough oral examination, radiography and video-endoscopy, with sinoscopy and scintigraphy performed if necessary.

Selected sinus surgeries may be performed in the standing sedated horse at the surgeon's discretion, depending on the type of lesion suspected, the temperament of the horse and other factors.

Evaluation of horses with suspected pharyngeal or laryngeal disorders usually involves video-endoscopy of the suspected area and, in some cases, evaluation of respiratory noise at exercise on the lunge [sic], during ridden work, or overground endoscopy.