Equine Veterinary Services

Laser surgery

Laser surgery provides a safe, reliable and minimally invasive surgical method for the treatment of specific equine upper respiratory tract conditions, as well as lesions affecting other inaccessible parts of the body such as uterine cysts and urethral strictures.

Most transendoscopic surgery can be performed in standing sedated horses, therefore there is no requirement for general anaesthesia, and many horses can undergo treatment on an outpatient basis. For laryngeal surgery, there is the additional advantage of having no skin wound, such as laryngotomy.

Types of procedures that can be performed with the laser include vocalcordectomy, resection of epiglottic entrapments, ary-epiglottic fold resection, laser treatment of the soft palate and excision of granulomas of the larynx (arytenoid chondritis).