Equine Veterinary Services

About the Farriery

The Scottish Farriery Centre combines a staff of highly skilled veterinarians and farriers with advanced diagnostic tools including digital radiography, nuclear scintigraphy, MRI, ultrasonography, gait analysis (lameness locator™) to provide the optimum in foot care.


farriery workshop

We offer corrective shoeing for many problems such as: navicular disease, club feet, soft tissue injuries of the deep digital flexor tendon or collateral ligaments of the distal interphalangeal joint, pedal osteitis, and angular limb deformities in young horses. We also provide farriery treatment as part of the management of serious hoof conditions such as laminitis, septic arthritis, puncture wounds, hoof infections and canker. The Scottish Farriery Centre works in close relationship with the R(D)SVS Equine Hospital bringing the best of both centres and with important input from recognised Specialists making it a centre of cutting edge veterinary information and techniques related to the diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions and foot-related lameness.

The Scottish Farriery Centre has a dedicated forge with the latest technological equipment, area of treatment, indoor trot-up area, indoor and outdoor arenas. Also the centre has a strong focus in undergraduate student teaching providing continuous teaching support for our students, local vets and farriers. Recently the introduction of the blacksmithbuddy™ has helped our students to understand and acquire the techniques and knowledge necessary to carry out shoe removal and foot dressing.

An image of venogram (an x-ray test that involves injecting x-ray contrast material [dye] into a vein to shows how blood flows through your veins).

The Scottish Farriery Centre is directed by Dr Eugenio Cillán-García and the consultant farriery Alaister Duff in conjunction with other clinicians and farriers. Alistair is a seventh generation of farriers and past member of the Scottish Farriery Team. Our team members are renowned in their field and regularly attend and speak at conferences and clinics nationally and internationally each year to ensure they remain at the forefront of new developments in knowledge and practical skills. By request, our vets and farriers will travel nationally and internationally for consultations, or to give clinics/presentations.