Equine Veterinary Services

Breeding mares

We will nearly always perform a breeding soundness examination on a mare prior to breeding.

What is a breeding soundness examination?

A dark brown foal below by the neck of a larger bay horse

A breeding soundness examination (BSE) is performed on the mare to determine a mare’s suitability as a broodmare and to identify any potential causes of sub/infertility.

Certain parts of the examination are routinely performed during the breeding season as part of the monitoring of the appropriate breeding time in normal mares.

Some indications for a BSE are:

  • age >12 years of age
  • exam before undertaking expensive AI/ET program
  • repeat breeder (not conceiving)
  • repeated early embryonic death
  • problem foaling
  • history of endometritis/metritis
  • pre-purchase examination of a breeding mare

How often will my mare be in season?

To explain this, here are some definitions for the terms we use to describe your mare's cycle.

  • 19 - 24, average 21 days
  • 4 - 9, average 6 days
  • 12 - 16, average 15 days