Equine Veterinary Services


We offer a full equine reproductive service with a range of facilities.

equine reproduction

Services include:

  • artificial insemination with chilled or frozen semen
  • mare breeding soundness examinations
  • stallion breeding soundness examinations
  • mare infertility investigations
  • stallion infertility investigations
  • semen collection, processing and shipping
  • twin management
  • embryo transfer (by prior arrangement)
  • low dose and deep uterine insemination
  • investigations into abnormal sexual behaviour

Any breed of mare is welcome and can either stay at the R(D)SVS during her breeding or be an out-patient and come into the R(D)SVS on specific days as dictated by the reproductive status of your mare. We also offer grass livery, but space is limited.

Although no commercial stallions are housed at the R(D)SVS we can advise you how to go about obtaining and using semen from anywhere in the world.