Equine Veterinary Services


Scintigraphy (bone scanning) is a diagnostic imaging technique which is very sensitive to changes in bone turn-over.

Scintigraphy performed by vets

Horses are injected with a small amount of a radionucleotide (the same medication which humans receive) a few hours before the scan, and have to stay in a quarantine stable for 48 hours after the scan, after which time they can return to the main hospital.

Our gamma camera is housed in a purpose-built unit with two boxes and a small radiopharmacy.

Equine Scintigraphy

Orthopaedic scintigraphy

Scintigraphy of the locomotor system is performed commonly in the hospital as a part of lameness diagnosis. It is the best method of detecting diseases such as non-displaced fractures which may not show up on x-rays.

Scintigraphy of the head

Scintigraphy of the head can also be indicated for cases involving dental, sinus or other skull disorders, where results from clinical examinations and radiography are equivocal.

Scintigraphy is useful for detecting very early infections of the cheek teeth, where radiographic changes are not yet apparent, and thus for differentiating cases of dental and primary sinusitis.