Easter Bush Pathology

Protocol for Out-of-Hours Delivery of Musselburgh Racehorse Cadavers

Musselburgh racecourse delivers horses that have been euthanased at the course for disposal by EBP.

Deliveries can sometimes be out-of-hours (potentially as late as 11pm). In such circumstances, the following protocol should be followed:

  • The duty equine clinician/resident who is the contact person should call the Campus Service Centre (see below). The senior equine clinician on duty should take responsibility for the cadaver and/or delegate responsibility to other staff or residents on duty in the hospital.
  • Ask the Campus Service Centre for access to the service area behind the New Vet School (NVS) (see below).
  • Access will allow the clinician/resident and Musselburgh stockmen to enter the NVS to the rear of Necropsy.
  • The roller doors will be opened from the inside and the cadaver can be winched into the empty skip bay which is refrigerated.
  • A green necropsy form should be filled in. If no post mortem examination is required please write: “Musselburgh racehorse for disposal” and the date on the green form.
  • Please note: It is not the estate operatives’ duty to open the roller doors as they may not be comfortable with cadavers.

Campus Service Centre: Tel 0131 651 7351 or 0131 651 7352