Easter Bush Pathology

Our Staff

A list of the staff at Easter Bush Pathology

Academic Staff

Name Role
Prof Elspeth Milne Personal Chair of Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Dr Adrian Philbey Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology
Dr Gavin Paterson Senior Lecturer in Molecular and Applied Microbiology
Dr Jorge Del-Pozo Senior Lecturer
Dr Sionagh Smith Senior Lecturer
Dr Linda Morrison Senior Lecturer
Dr Paola Cazzini Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Dr Chiara Piccinelli Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Dr Alexandra Malbon Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology

Support Staff

Name Role
Mr Craig Pennycook Technical Officer
Mr Colin Wood Laboratory Manager
Mr Scott Maxwell Histology Laboratory Manager
Mrs Gillian McGregor Support Research Scientist
Mrs Jennifer Harris Technical Officer
Mrs Leila El-Helali Laboratory Technician
Ms Rachael Hammond Laboratory Technician
Mrs Sharon Moss Technical Officer
Mrs Yvette Atherton Laboratory Technician
Mrs Dawn Drummond Senior Laboratory Technician
Miss Sarah Goodbrand Microbiology Technician
Mrs Santa Praneviciute-De Leon Padilla Laboratory Technician
Mrs Renay Brown EB Pathology Secretary/Sample Coordinator
Miss Jennifer Russell Reception technician

Pathology Residents

Name Role
Mr David Walker Senior Clinical Training Scholar in Vet. Anatomic Pathology
Mr Ioannis Oikonomidis Senior Clinical Training Scholarship