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Clinical Pathology

We provide a clinical pathology service for internal and external clinicians, research workers and other laboratories

Clinical pathology

The laboratory is open 9am-5pm each weekday and public holidays (except Christmas and New Year’s day).

We have a series of tests charged at standard rates, and a further series that are charged individually.


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About us

The clinical laboratory provides a comprehensive clinical pathology service for veterinary clinicians and researchers.

Biochemistry tests

We have a series of tests at standard rates and a further series that are charged individually.

Haematology tests

We run both routine and individually priced haematology tests.

Coagulation tests

We offer several different Coagulation tests

Faecal tests

A number of faecal tests are available.

Serology tests

A limited number of serology tests are available.

Skin tests

A number of skin analyses are available.

Urine analysis

A range of urine analyses are available.

Fluid analysis

A range of fluid analyses are available.


Complimentary tests have been grouped to define several standard profiles.