Easter Bush Pathology

Undergraduate courses

Information on Undergraduate courses at Easter Bush Pathology.

EBP education

Veterinary Pathology Course

The Easter Bush pathologists are responsible for the delivery of the stand-alone Veterinary Pathology course in the 3rd year of the five year BVM&S programme, which runs concurrently with the 2nd year of the four year BVM&S Graduate Entry Programme. This course takes place in Semester One, with the degree exam taking place just before Christmas each year. The course covers introductory pathology and systems based pathology. It consists of almost 50 didactic lectures and 5 weeks of practical classes (including gross and microscopic pathology), complemented with directed learning tutorials and an in-course assessment.

Final Year Pathology rotation

Final Year students spend one week of their rotations with Easter Bush Pathology. Introductory sessions are followed by a daily programme of practical necropsy prosection and tutorials, including in clinical pathology (haematology, cytology and biochemistry). Necropsy work generally takes place in the mornings with extension into the afternoon as necessitated by workload. Students gain experience in report-writing and necropsy case presentation, and there is usually some time for private study, as directed by the duty pathologist.

Final Year Microbiology rotation

The final year students also have a half-week rotation in Microbiology in which they learn to make and interpret direct smears from clinical cases, interpret bacterial growth on culture of clinical samples, understand the methods of antimicrobial sensitivity testing, interpret microbiology laboratory reports, understand the factors influencing antimicrobial selection and choose appropriate antimicrobials for prescribing.