Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions (SEBI)

Meeting the team at Guelph

Prof Andy Peters visited Dr Suresh Neethirajan at the university of Guelph in April to discuss the start of a SEBI funded project to field test a new hand held diagnostic device for bovine disease.

The current device is being developed for as a pilot for ketosis but the eventual application will be for diseases relevant to small holder dairies in sub-Saharan Africa. The technology is based on cutting edge microfluidics and the vison is to be able to link this to mobile devices to enable remote diagnostics and veterinary advice together with longer term disease data collection and surveys.

Whilst at Guelph Andy also heard presentations and spoke to post-doc scientists on other novel diagnostic technologies including multiplexed electrochemical biosensors for non-esterified fatty acids (NEFAS) and beta-hydroxy-butyric acid, using graphene biolayers; avian influenza diagnostics using biofilms and immunosensor / nanozyme technology; LAMP (loop mediated isothermal amplification) technology for M. avium diagnosis (Johne’s disease); progesterone testing etc.