Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions (SEBI)


The purpose, mission and vision of SEBI (Supporting Evidence Based Interventions)

The overall purpose of SEBI is to improve the livelihoods of poor livestock farmers in developing countries. This will be achieved through our mission to deliver evidence based interventions producing sustainable improvements in livestock productivity in developing countries.

This Mission will be progressed by:

Developing improved & harmonised livestock data processing systems > Providing evidence-based on-the-ground interventions in livestock health and productivity > Benefiting smallholder farmers

Components of improved livestock data processing systems the following aims:

1. Efficient, evidence and data-based decision making tools. 2. Improved baseline (pre-intervention) data. 3. Evidence creation and predictive modelling to allow prioritization of interventions. 4. Real time collection of grantee monitoring data to allow greater control over project direction.

Vision statement

SEBI’s vision is to be a major contributor to the increased prosperity of livestock farmers in developing countries.