Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions (SEBI)

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This site is an archive of Phase 1 of the Supporting Evidence Based Interventions (SEBI) programme (2017-2020).

SEBI has relaunched as SEBI-Livestock, a new 5-year programme. Please visit our new website at for up to date information.

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SEBI mobilises and applies data and evidence to help the livestock community make better investments that improve livelihoods for smallholders in low and middle-income countries. Learn about our research and how we work.

SEBI is uniquely positioned to close the livestock data gap, with expertise in veterinary science, data science and communications, as well as through our engagement with the global community of livestock data producers and users. 

Dr Tito Kibona and Dr Ellen Hughes conducting a neurological examination on a sheep. Photo: Kathryn Allan

We assemble, analyse and collate new and existing data to produce new evidence that can support better decision-making.

Sheep and lamb in Nigeria

We work to break down barriers to implementing successful livestock interventions in Low and Middle-Income Countries.

We strive to improve the livestock evidence base through collaborations, and engage with the community to generate innovative solutions.