The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Bicentenary

Our Staff

School staff list (listed alphabetically)

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role
Aicha Aboudinar Registered Veterinary Nurse - General Rotation
Dor Adkins Nadav Animal Care Assistant - Nights
Mrs Kate Ainsworth VTO Postgraduate Manager
Adam Aitken Stores Assistant
Lauren Aitken Animal Care Assistant
Sheila Aitken Veterinary Nurse (Surgical)
Akira Alexander Core Scientist
Amy Allan Theatre Assistant
Anais Allen-Deal Emergency and Critical Care Service resident
Lui Allen-Deal Emergency and Critical Care Intern
Mr Pablo Amengual-Batle Lecturer in Neurology
Ms Aileen Anderson Stablehand
Dr Neil Anderson Lecturer
Mrs Liz Archibald Postgraduate Research Student Administrator
Prof David Argyle William Dick Chair of Veterinary Clinical Studies
Mrs Lindsey Ashburner Veterinary Nurse (Day Rotation)
Mrs Yvette Atherton Laboratory Technician
Dr Charalampos Attipa Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Sawar Azam
Miss Heather Bacon Welfare Education & Outreach Manager
Prof. Liz Baggs Deputy Director of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, and Chair of Food and Environmental Security
Cara Baillie Registered Veterinary Nurse - Equine
Chloe Baird Client Care Assistant
Mr Drew Baker Stockperson/groom
Aislinn Balderston Veterinary Client Care & Referral Coordinator - Equine
Laura Bamford Small Animal Rotating Intern
Ms Maria Bang Support Veterinary Nurse - Medicine
Dr Elaine Bannerman Programme Coordinator - MSc Global Food Security & Nutrition
Ms Danielle Barrett Veterinary Nurse (Support) Twilight
Mrs Lorna Bathgate Central Service Supervisor
Freya Batty Animal Care Assistant
Miss Lauren Baxter Accounts Assistant
Kirstin Beard Veterinary Nurse - Ward based
Katie Beckmann Lecturer in Wildlife Health & Conservation Medicine
Sabina Beldeanu Equine Rotating Intern
Nicole Bell Senior Philanthropy Officer, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Javier Benito Ortiz Lecturer
Maggie Bennett Communications and Marketing Officer
Dr Gurå Therese Bergkvist Director Student Recruitment and Admissions & Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy
David Binnie Anaesthesia Technician
Ms Jocelyn Bisson ECAT Veterinary Clinical Lecturer
Dr Thalia Blacking Lecturer in Applied Vet Physiology
Benjamin Blacklock Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Ophthamology
Dr Kelly Blacklock Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery. Research Fellow, Liz Patton Group
Professor Laura Blackwood Professor in Small Animal Oncology, Head of Small Animal Oncology
Ms Isobel Blair Contract Officer
Rachel Blake Senior Lecturer in Cardiopulmonary Medicine
Agnieszka Blaszyk Rotating Intern, Veterinary clinical Services
Prof Karen Blissitt Personal Chair of Equine Cardiology and Anaesthesia
Dr Alisdair Boag Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine
Prof. Lisa Boden Chair of Population Medicine and Veterinary Public Health Policy
Dewi Borkent Vet
Dr Fiona Borthwick Programme Director for MSc in Global Food Security and Nutrition
Ms Maaike Boswinkel DVSAP Clinician
Verity Bowell MSc Co-ordinator
Mrs Emma Boyd Exotic Animal Teaching Facility Supervisor
Ms Sharon Boyd Senior Lecturer in Distance Student Learning
Su Boyle Student Adviser
Rachel Bragg Training Scholarship in Farm Animal Health & Production
Luciano Braz Dos Santos
Mr Craig Breheny Senior Lecturer in Emergency & Critical Care
Mrs Deborah Brown
Laura Brown Veterinary Nurse - Emergency and Critical Care
Mr Rae Brown Stablehand
Mrs Renay Brown EB Pathology Secretary/Sample Coordinator
Pip Bucknell Rotating Intern, Veterinary Clinical Services
Charlotte Bulkeley UG Student
Miss Liz Burrough Research Associate - Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service
Miss Sarah Burton Veterinary Nurse
Steven Burton
Ms Suzanne Busser ECVIM Resident in Small Animal Oncology
Dr Suzanne Bussey Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Kelly Cadman Veterinary Nurse Ophthalmology
Silvia Caeiro Resident in Small Animal Oncology
Averil Caird Client Accounts Supervisor
Adelle Calder Animal Care Assistant
Mr Chris Calder Lecturer in Equine Practice
Mr Jamie Cameron Dairy Herdsman
Lindsey Campbell Veterinary Client Care, Insurance & Referral Coordinator- Equine
Ms Michelle Campbell Senior Yard Supervisor
Mrs Susan Campbell Nutrition Veterinary Nurse
Taylor Campbell Veterinary Nurse General
Mr Alasdair Cannon Technical Officer
Miss Kirsty Carlin Veterinary Nurse (Weekend)
Monica Carlotti EPIC Knowledge Exchange and Communications Officer
Chris Carpenter Finance and Contracts Information Analyst
Paz Carril Leiva PHD visiting student
Helena Carruthers Veterinary Physiotherapist
João Miguel De Frias ‪Lecturer in Veterinary Neurology/Neurosurgery
Dr Paola Cazzini Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Annita Chalka Post-doctoral Research Associate
Ms Katie Chalmers Animal Care Assistant
Margo Chase-Topping MSc taught programmes study design and statistics support
Jing Qi Chong
Jing Qi Chong Research Assistant in Livestock Epigenomics and Bioinformatics
Wiola Ciapas Vet Nurse - General Rotation
Susan Clancy Registered Veterinary Nurse
Nicola Clark Veterinary Radiotherapy Clinical Technologist
Mr Eoghan Clarkson Digital Education Unit Manager
Ms Moira Clayton Senior Clerical Officer
Professor Dylan Clements Professor of Small Animal Orthopaedics, Academic Head of Companion Animal Science, Interim Head of School
Holly Clements Animal Care Assistant
Mrs Jennifer Clements Veterinary Clinical Lecturer in Equine Practice
Prof Eddie Clutton Personal Chair of Veterinary Anaesthesiology
Ms Francesca Coates BVM&S Student Recruitment Officer
Miss Helen Cobb Veterinary Dermatology Nurse
Miss Nicola Cochrane Veterinary Nurse - Emergency and Critical Care (ECC)
Amy Cole Exotic Animal Care Assistant
Dr Louise Connelly Lecturer in Academic Development
Jasmyn Connor Animal Care Assistant
Sian Connor Registered Veterinary Nurse - ECC
Paula Cooper Veterinary Nurse - General Rotation
Dr Alexander Corbishley Senior Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice
Prof Brendan Corcoran Personal Chair of Veterinary Cardiopulmonary Medicine
Ms Louise Cornish Senior Lecturer
Eamon Coughlan Data Research Technician
Dr Glen Cousquer Lecturer and MSc Programme Co-ordinator in Conservation Medicine and One Health
Arlene Crawford Client Care Assistant
Lucy Crawford Emergency and Critical Care Internship
Dr Geoff Culshaw Head of Cardiology Service, Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Cardiopulmonary Medicine
Ms Katherine Curnow Administrator
Simone Cutler Emergency and Critical Care Resident
Alexander Daley ECAT Veterinary Clinical Lectureship
Mr Andrew Dalrymple E-Learner Developer
Ms Lindsay Dalziel Veterinary Teaching Organisation Manager
Julien Dandrieux Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Carola Daniel Residency in Equine Diagnostic Imaging
Miss Fiona Darling Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Nurse
Belgin Davidson BVM&S Year 3 Administrator
Dr Catherine Davidson ECAT Veterinary Clinical Lecturer
Ms Amanda Davis Animal Care Assistant
Celeste de Blois Student Advisor
Alice Deeney Animal Care Assistant
Isabel Del Portillo Miguel Lecturer in Small Animal Oncology
Martín Del Valle Menéndez
Dr Jorge Del-Pozo Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology
Ellie Demetrescu School Administrator
Jeanne Dennehy Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice
Emily Dickson Veterinary Insurance Administrator
Ms Julie Dickson
Miss Sara-Ann Dickson Veterinary Nurse
Federico Diez Clinical Trials Coordinator
Sabina Diez Bernal Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Jore Dirgelaite Campus HR Assistant
Kosala Dissanayake Lecturer in Vet Biomedical Sciences
Marina Domingues Resident in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Ms Carolina Dominik Veterinary Nurse - Emergency and Critical Care (ECC)
Dr Louise Donnison Data Analyst
Christos Dorlis Resident in Small animal Surgery
Rebecca Doyle Senior Lecturer in Animal Welfare/Deputy Director
Mrs Dawn Drummond Laboratory Technician
Ms Kim Drummond Accounts Assistant
Margaretanne Dugan Central Services Unit Assistant
Ms Christa Dukes Veterinary Nurse - Medicine
Prof. Alan Duncan Visiting Professor of Livestock & Development
Dr Juliet Duncan Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Rona Duncan EBSOC Intern
Sarah Dunn E-Learning Developer
Natalia Dziedzic-Nyrka Diagnostic Imaging Intern
Nicola Earnshaw Dick Vet General Practice Clinician
Miss Catherine Eastwood Deputy Head of School (Operations)
Mr Kevin Eatwell Senior Lecturer
Francesca Edgerton Small Animal Rotating Intern
Andrew Edmiston Senior Finance Assistant
Mr Nick Edmonstone Pharmacy Assistant
Ms Laura Edwards Veterinary Twilight Nurse - Emergency & Critical Care
Lowri Elis-Williams DVGP Clinician
Miss Jennifer Erskine Veterinary Night Nurse
Mr Keith Erskine Teaching Technician
Arantza Esnal-Zufiaurre Bio-Imaging & Flow Cytometry Technician
Mike Evans ECAT Veterinary Clinical Lectureship
Stephanie Fairgrieve Veterinary Nurse - Surgical
Dr Kiterie Faller Lecturer in Veterinary Neurology
Dr Ian Faux Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
Ian Faux Clinician in Small animal Surgery
Mr Craig Ferguson Dairy Herdsperson
Holly Fergusson Diagnostic Radiographer
Cristina Fernandez Rivas
Marisa da Fonseca Ferreira ECAT-Plus/Wellcome Trust PhD for Clinicians Training Fellow, ECAT (Edinburgh Clinical Academic Track) Veterinary Clinical Lecturer
Dr Helen Fielding Epidemiologist
Dr Amy Findlay Research Fellow
Katie Finlayson Veterinary Nurse
Miss Claire Fisher Veterinary Clinician
Mr Tommy Flanagan Facilities Assistant
Lucy Fletcher Farm Animal Clinician
Emma Flockhart Veterinary Nurse
Karen Fong Small Animal Rotating Intern
Ms Julie Forrest Lecturer in Farm Animal Health
Mrs Niky Forrest Veterinary Nurse - Weekend
Mr Quentin Fournier Combined Internship/Residency in Small Animal Oncology
Dr Ruth Fowler Masters Programme Coordinator - Food Safety
Mr William Fowler Laboratory Support Assistant
Adriana Franca Small Animal Rotating Intern
Dr Jenny Fraser Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Juliane Friedrich Core Scientist (Research Fellow)
Daniel Gaines Campus HR Assistant
Mr Mike Gallagher
Marta Garcia Arce Resident in Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care
Luis Miguel Garcia Roldan Intern in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Dr Sofia Garcia-Pertierra Garcia DVetMed Clinician in Small animal Surgery
Miss Amy Garden Equine Veterinary Nurse
Dr Andrew Gardiner Senior Lecturer
Ms Linda George Imaging Service Technician (Equine)
Noemi Gero Veterinary Client Care, Insurance & Referral Coordinator
Mr Mark Gerrard Animal Care Assistant (ACA) Twilight
Mrs Geraldine Giannopoulos BVM&S Admissions Officer
Gillian Gibson Animal Care Assistant
Ms Louise Gilchrist IS Helpdesk Supervisor
Melanie Gilchrist Veterinary Physiotherapist
Ms Caroline Gilroy BVM&S Undergraduate Admissions Secretary
Dr Bryanna Mariel Glasspool Small Animal Rotating Intern
Owen Glenn Resident in Small animal Surgery
Ms Martyna Godniak Veterinary Nurse, Emergency and Critical Care (ECC)
Esther Gomez Soto Emergency and Critical Care Resident
Ms Gidona Goodman Lecturer in Wildlife Health & Conservation Medicine
Ms Catherine Gordon Undergraduate Senior Class Technician
Ms Emily Gorman Senior Veterinary Nurse - ICU
Becky Gould Veterinary Senior Nurse – Out of Hours Coordinator
Mrs Hayley Gowan Medicine Veterinary Nurse
Mr Miguel Gozalo Marcilla Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Mrs Aleta Graham Finance Assistant
Mrs Eleanor Graham PGT Programmes Administrative Assistant
Mrs Lynn Grant Radiographer
Mark Gray Lecturer in Large Animal Research Surgery
Mrs Rachael Gregson Internship in Large Lab Animal Anaesthesia & Intensive Care
Charlotte Gresham E Learning Assistant
Gurpreet Grewal-Kang BVM&S Head of Recruitment and Admissions
Mr Mike Grieve Student Relationship Manager
Dana Grigore Final Year Clinical Educator
Prof Danielle Gunn-Moore Personal Chair of Feline Medicine
Dr Caroline Hahn Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Neurosciences
Emily Haines Intern in Rabbit and Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery
Mrs Julie Hamilton Clinical Trials Co-ordinator
Ms Rachael Hammond Laboratory Technician
Hamna Hamna PHD Student
Dr Ian Handel Senior Lecturer
Hasan Hanif IT Support Apprentice
Andrew Hanton
Angus Harding Honour Student
Melissa Hardy Client Care Services Assistant
Louise Harley Accounts Office Supervisor
Mrs Jennifer Harris Microbiology Laboratory Manager
Kirsty Harvey Orthopaedic Nurse
Sarah Harvey Veterinary Nurse, Medicine
Marwa Hasan PhD Student
Megan Hawkswell Student Advisor
Lyndsey Hayes Centre Administrator
Mr Alex Hemphill Animal Care Assistant
Ms Lisa Henderson Equine Veterinary Nurse
Perrine Henry Internal Medicine Service resident
Georgia Herriott Administrator
Jenny Hill Veterinary Night Nurse - General Cover
Prof. Jonathan Hillier Chair of Mathematical Modelling & Global Food Systems
Sarah Holmes Equine Veterinary Nurse
Ms Fiona Home Clients Accounts Assistant
Mr Stephen Hooker Facilities and Transport Supervisor
Michael Hope Modern Apprentice - Bioimaging Facility Technician
Mr Andy Hopker Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice
Eliza Horn RVN Veterinary Nurse, General Practice
Fiona Howie Facilities Administrator
Miss Amanda Huggan BVM&S GEP Year Administrator
Mr Jason Hughes Store Person
Dr Kirsty Hughes Research Assistant (Veterinary Medical Education)
Dr Emily Humble Research Fellow in Conservation Genomics
Ali Humphreys Year Administrator
Emma M Hunter Financial Systems and Procedures Advisor
Miss Emma Hurst Research Assistant
David Inglis Veterinary Nurse - Anaesthesia
Susan Ingram Veterinary Client Care, Insurance & Referral Coordinator- Equine
Barbara-Ann Innes Registered Veterinary Nurse
Ana Ionescu Resident in Small Animal Medical Oncology
Ms Jenni Irving McGrath PhD candidate in Genetics and Genomics
Ingrid Isaac Resident in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging Small Animal
Nicolas Israeliantz Gunz Combined Internship/Residency in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Prof. Lindsay Jaacks Personal Chair of Global Health and Nutrition
Mrs Gillian Jackson Graduate Trainee and Finance Supervisor
Miss Rachel Jago Clinician in Equine Internal Medicine
Hannah James General Practice Veterinary Clinician
Miss Janna James Client Services Assistant
Oliver James Senior Lecture in Equine Orthopaedics
Miss Lindsay Jarvis Laboratory Support Assistant
Dr Susan Jarvis Senior Lecturer in Animal Science and BSc Programme Director
Karishma Jayachandran
Ms Bronwyn Jeffers Veterinary Nurse - Weekend Rotation
Mrs Emma Jeffery Medical Veterinary Nurse
Claire Jeffrey Finance Assistant
Mr Angus Jinks Campus HR Assistant
Mr Craig Johnstone Anatomy and Parasitology Technician
Mrs Gill Jones Vet Services
Professor Rowland Kao Chair of Veterinary Epidemiology and Data Science
Aly Kavanagh Vet Nurse - Surgical
Ms Elaine Kay Therapeutic Radiographer
David Kayes Rotating Intern, Veterinary Clinical Services
Dr Emma Keeble DVREP Senior Lecturer and Vet Clinician
Dr John Keen Personal Chair of Equine Cardiovascular Medicine
Ms Molly Kelley Neurology/Neurosurgery Resident
Catriona Kelly Science Writer and Editor
Fiona Kelly Veterinary Clinician
Mr Padraig Kelly Senior Equine Surgeon, Director of the Equine Hospital
Lyndsay Kennedy Veterinary Nurse - Surgical Rolling
Rebekah Kennedy Lecturer in Equine Surgery
Sara Kennedy Diagnostic Radiographer
Zohra Khan Lecturer in Neurology
Mrs Laura Kidd Lecturer in Professional and Clinical Skills
Mr Simon Kidd Computing Support Officer, Operational Services
Dr Megan Kiln Resident in Rabbit and Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery
Leanne Kinnear UG Student
Christine Klien IS Helpdesk Supervisor
Ms Seante Knight Veterinary Nurse Manager
Ewelina Korzybska Resident in Veterinary Cardiorespiratory Medicine
Dr Bronwyn Koterwas Lecturer and Senior Veterinary Clinician- Dick Vet Rabbit and Exotic Practice
Lauren Lacorcia Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine
Elias Lafarga Poyo Clinician in Small animal Surgery
Tyler Lambie Animal Care Assistant
Chrysa Lamprinopoulou Research Fellow
Mrs Bryony Lancaster Programme Director MSc Equine Science and Lecturer in Horse Husbandry
Angus Lane Resident in Small Animal Medical Oncology
Paula Ledesma Fernandez Clinician in Equine Practice
Mr Wilson Lee Research Technician ITI Project
Mrs Kerry Leech BVM&S Year 3 Administrator
Isabella Lemos Pena Siciliano Small Animal Rotating Intern
Mr Martyn Lewis Senior Training Scholarship in Rabbit & Exotic Pet Medicine
Chrissie Liddle BVM&S Year 4 Administrator
Victoria Lindsay Programme Coordinator for MSc in Equine Science & BVM&S Horse Husbandry Teaching Fellow
Milly Lingard Veterinary Nurse (C1) (TECH - Nursing)
Dr Zofia Lisowski Lecturer in Veterinary Biomedicine
Kate Lister Resident in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Gordon Littlejohn Programme Administrator
Mrs Tiziana Liuti Senior Lecturer
Ms. Efa Llewellyn Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care
Loni Loftus Lecturer in Clinical Behaviour
Miss Chandra Logie Post-mortem Technician
Mr Maurizio Longo Combined Internship/Residency Diagnostic Imaging
Caitlin Low Equine Stable Hand
Nicola Lowe Contracts Administrator
Mr Walter Lowe Campus Health and Safety Assistant
Lu Lu Career Track Fellow
Miss Nicola Luke Anaesthesia Nurse
Peter Lumsden Animal Care Assistant
Ronan MacAskill Computer Officer
Danielle Macdonald Veterinary Nurse - General Rotation
Gillian Macdonald Student Support Manager
Emma MacDougall Vet Services Assistant
Emma Macfarlane Veterinary Clinician DVGP
Mr Neil Macintyre Laboratory Manager
Miss Ailidh Mackay Senior Recruitment and Admissions Officer
Dr Jill MacKay Senior Lecturer
Renee Mackay Registered Veterinary Nurse - Internal Medicine
Carolyn Mackenzie 1st Opinion RVN
Heather Mackenzie Animal Care Assistant - Weekends
Mr Gordon MacPherson Design and Digital Resources Officer
Prof Alastair Macrae Personal Chair of Farm Animal Health and Production
Mr Andy Macrae Technician
Isla Macvicar SEBI Researcher
Dr Megan Madden Resident in Small Animal Neurology & Neurosurgery
Nikoleta Makri Senior Training Scholar in Veterinary Dermatology
Dr Alexandra Malbon Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology
Ms Danielle Marchant Vet Nurse - Night Shift x 3
Mr Anthony Marko Servitor
Eirini Markou Laboratory Technician
Melissa Marr Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Conservation Genomics
Carole-Anne Marshall Veterinary Teaching Organisation Undergraduate Manager
Jennifer Marshall Anaesthesia Nurse
Sarah Marshall Sterile Services Assistant
Audrey Martin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ana Martinez-Lopez PHD Student
Mrs Yolanda Martinez Pereira Senior Lecturer in Cardiopulmonary Medicine
Mr Brian Mather Senior E-Learning Developer
Ms Tricia Mathieson Technical Officer
Hannah Matson Emergency and Critical Care Intern
Mr Scott Maxwell Histology Laboratory Manager
Fiona Mc Auliffe PhD Student
Liz Mcalpine Veterinary Senior Nurse – Out of Hours Coordinator
Miss Joanna McCagherty Senior Clinical Training Scholarship
Miss Jessica McCarthy Senior Clinical Training Scholarship in Small Animal Surgery
Chloe McConnell Veterinary Nurse General Rotation
Ms Emma McCormick Therapeutic Radiographer
Mr Greg McCracken Computing Support Officer
Jamie McCubbin Solicitor
Mary McCulloch Teaching Fellow (Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology)
Miss Elaine McDonald PGR Clerical Assistant
Mrs Fiona McDowall Lead/Senior Oncology Nurse
Ms Pamela McEwan Animal Care Assistant
Rosie McFadyen Honour Student
Robert Mcgeachan ECAT-V Lecturer
Karen McGillivray Veterinary Nurse Nights
Prof Bruce McGorum Personal Chair of Equine Medicine
Mrs Gillian McGregor Laboratory Technician
Harriet McHale-Owen ECAT Veterinary Lectureship
Kirstin Mcilvaney MSc Co-ordinator
Carina McIntosh PGT Administrator
Ms Angela Mckay Animal Care Assistant
Hayley Mckenzie Internship in Small Animal Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analge
Catherine McLaughlin Research Associate
Ms Jennifer Mclellan Stablehand
Jennifer McLeod Animal Care Assistant
Kate McLeod Digital Communications Assistant
Pauline McLeod Senior Human Resources Advisor
Lee McManus Technical Officer, BVS
Mattie McMaster Mattie McMaster Head of Equine Surgery
Andrew Mcnair Research Fellow
Abigail McNally Emergency and Critical Care Resident
Prof. Geraldine McNeill Visiting Professor of Global Nutrition and Health
Ms Lindsey McNeill Research Assistant
Kevin McPeake Senior Lecturer in Clinical Animal Behaviour
Kirsty McShane Veterinary Nurse - Surgical
Mr Brian McTeir Easter Bush Facilities and Estates Liaison Manager
Scott McVittie Technical Assistant, BVS
Ms Vanessa Meadu Communication and Knowledge Exchange Specialist
Alap Mehta Data Scientist
Emily Meijaard Communications and Coordination Officer
Maverick Melega Senior Clinical Training Scholar in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Mrs Katie Mellanby Client Services Advisor
Prof Richard Mellanby Personal Chair of Comparative Medicine
Ms Kerry Melville Veterinary Nurse
Tim Menghini Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery
Prof Anna Meredith Personal Chair of Zoological and Conservation Medicine
Dr Amy Miele Programme Director MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour and Resident in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine
Charlotte Miller Rotating Intern in Equine Medicine and Surgery
Lucy Miller Lecturer in Vet Anaesthesia
Graeme Milne Animal care Technician
Euan Mitchell
Yvonne Moore Veterinary Nurse (B1) (TECH - Nursing)
Alexsander Moraes PhD/Visitor
Carol Morgan LD4D Development Manager
Rebecca Morris Vet Nurse - General Rotation
Dr Linda Morrison Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology
Tyler Morrison Edinburgh Clinical Academic Track (ECAT) Veterinary Clinical Lecturer
Miss Carolyn Morton lecturer in Professional Studies
Mrs Caroline Mosley Clinical Skills Teaching Fellow
Mrs Sharon Moss Laboratory Technician
Ms Elinor Muir Equine Vet Services Manager
Leah Muirhead Exotic Animal Teaching Technician
Jo Mulligan Animal Care Assistant
Dr Fraser Murdoch Senior Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice
Mrs Jill Murdoch Lecturer in Equine Practice
Hannah Murphy Client Services Accountant
Mrs Sue Murphy Director of Clinical Services and Director of the Hospital for Small Animals
Ben Murray Intern in Small Animal Surgery
Tracey Murray Client Care Services Assistant
Monika Nawrocka Veterinary Nurse - Dick Vet Rabbit and Exotic Practice
Gráinne Neary Senior Clinical Training Scholar in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology
Caitlynn Neil Veterinary Nurse - General Rotation
Amit Nevo Web & Publications Officer
Andrew Newcombe BVM&S Year 1 Administrator
Mr Logan Newstead MSCR Student
Michelle Nicholson Serrano Technician (C1) (TECH - Laboratory Services)
Amy Nisbet Farm Animal Research Technician
Mr James Nixon Farm Estate Manager
Rebecca Nixon Animal Technician
Olivia Noble Vet Nurse - Surgical
Scott Noble Technical Officer, BVS
Ms Amanda Novak Named Veterinary Surgeon
Ms Elzbieta Nowak - Dabkowska Servitor
Dr Tim Nuttall Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Dermatology
Mrs Bridget O'Farrell Lecturer in Small Animal Shelter Medicine
Conor O'halloran Internnal Medicine Resident
Niamh O'Loughlin Honour Student
Mrs Stephanie O'Sullivan Twilight RVN
Ms Spela Oberstar Pharmasist
Professor Rob Ogden Director of Conservation Science / Director of ECOS / Head of Conservation Genetics
Valerie Oh Veterinary Intern in Emergency Critical Care
Mr Ioannis Oikonomidis Senior Clinical Training Scholar in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Ana Oliveira Rotating Intern, Veterinary Clinical Services
Maria Oliveira Resident (Senior Clinical Scholar) in Cardiopulmonary Medicine
Maria Ines Oliveira Resident in Veterinary Cardiorespiratory Medicine
Maria Ines Oliveira Lecturer in Vet Cardiology
Mrs Fiona Oliver Laboratory Supervisor - Teaching
Ms Nienke Oostra Lecturer in Equine Practice
Ebba Orjefelt Veterinary Nurse - Surgical Soft Tissue
Seda Ozaydin
Gianna Pagano Animal Care Assistant - Weekends
Dr Jasmin Paris Senior lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Hannah Park 1st Opinion Veterinary Nurse
Miss Laura Parker Veterinary Nurse (Anaesthesia)
Dr Nicholas Parkinson Senior Clinician in Equine Internal Medicine
Ms Fiona Partridge Client Services Assistant
Mr Maciej Parys Vet Clinical Lectureship
Mrs Magdalena Parys Senior Lecturer in Oncology
Natalie Pascual Client Care Assistant
Ms Marie-Helene Passat Part-time Laboratory Technician
Lois Passy Veterinary Nurse
Mr John Pate Lecturer in Equine Practice
Dr Gavin Paterson Senior Lecturer in Molecular and Applied Microbiology
Dr Jessie Paterson Lecturer in Student Learning
Aine Pears PHD Student
Ms Annabel Pearson Management Accountant
Ms Gemma Pearson Lecturer/Clinician in Equine Practice
Mr Craig Pennycook Post-mortem Technician
Julia Pentsou Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Bruno Pereira Research Associate (C1) (ACAD - Researcher)
Mr Jorge Perez Accino Salgado Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine
Dr Silvia Perez-Espona Conservation Science Programme Coordinator
Diego Perojil Morata
Fiona Perry Equine Technician
Prof Andrew Peters Visiting Professor of Tropical Medicine
Jo Pettinger Veterinary Night Nurse - General Cover
Kirsty Pharoah Lecturer in Equine Practice
Dr Adrian Philbey Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology
Hlaing Phyo
Dr Chiara Piccinelli Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Pathology
Heather Pike Imaging Service Technician (Equine)
Emma Pineau Postgrad Dvet Med/Adv Clinical Scholar Programmes Administrator
Teresa Pinto Intern in Small Animal Oncology
Prof Scott Pirie Personal Chair of Equine Clinical Sciences
Ms Kirsty Poll Hospital Technical Assistant
Dr Kristina Pollock ECC Clinical Teacher
Ms Emilia Porter Internship in Small Animal Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analge
Nicki Porterfield Facilities Administrator
Rebecca Potts Exotic Animal Care Assitant
Jessica Powell Core Scientist Research Fellow
Mr Inaki Prado Checa Professional Internship in Small Animal Cardiopulmonary Medicine
Mrs Santa Praneviciute-De Leon Padilla Laboratory Technician
Kathryn Pratschke Senior Lecturer in Small Tissue Surgery
Jamie Prentice Research Fellow EIDD UK Modelling
Mr Thomas Preston Senior Janitor
Dr Christopher Proudfoot Research Fellow
Nicola Provan Veterinary Nurse General Rotation
Lucy Pughe Teaching Student Services Admin Assistant
Dana Purves Client Care Services Assistant
Alan Purvis Animal Care Assistant
Elliot Pye ECVAA Resident in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Muriel Pym Equine Veterinary Nurse
Ms Ruth Queen-Jones Veterinary Nurse - Oncology
Sinziana Radulescu ECAT Veterinary Clinical Lecturer
Mr Alex Rae Servitor
Mrs Rona Rae Senior Radiographer
Mr David Ramage Dairy Herdsman
Ms Jess Randall-Willsher Veterinary Nurse - DVREP
Prof Susan Rhind Chair of Veterinary Education
Dr Jenna Richardson Senior Lecturer and Veterinary Clinician
Ms Lorna Richardson Veterinary Nurse (Night Shift)
Jon Riddell Research Fellow
Tamara Riley PHD Student
Adrian Ritchie Senior Research Assistant
Amy Riva 1st Opinion RVN
Mrs Antonia Robb SEBI Administrator and PA for Professor Andy Peters.
Chris Robb Teaching Technician
Cara Robinson Exotic Animal Teaching Technician
Mrs Jo Rorrison Veterinary Nurse - Oncology
Ms Erica Rose Secretary
Ms Lorraine Ross Accounts Assistant
Dr Gianluigi Rossi Research Fellow
Riccardo Rossi Residency in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Marie Rowland Research Assistant
Ms Geraldine Russell DHHPS Secretary
Gillian Russell Veterinary Night Nurse - Wards
Miss Jennifer Russell Reception technician
Dr John Ryan Lecturer in Small Animal Orthopaedics and Head of REPAIR Centre
Dr Silke Salavati, Dipl.ECVIM-CA, PhD, FHEA, FRCVS; Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine, RCVS Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine (Gastroenterology)
Miss Olivia Salazar Gonzalez Veterinary Nurse - Anaesthetist
Agustina Salis Torres UG Student
Gareth Salmon Researcher
Prof Neil Sargison Personal Chair of Farm Animal Practice
Anna Schilling
Christian Schnier Epidemiologist
Dr Gudrun Schoeffmann Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Anaesthesia
Dr Tobias Schwarz Reader in Diagnostic Imaging DI Service Head
Miss Heather Scott Laboratory Technicians Supervisor
Elle Scullion Animal Care Assistant
Jess Seager Animal Care Assistant
Mr Alessandro Seguino Senior Lecturer
Brid Seoighe Veterinary Nurse - (Medical)
Mr Juan Carlos Serra Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Oncology
Dr Darren Shaw Reader in Comparative Epidemiology
Ms Fran Shepherd
Dr Adrian Sherman Avian Technologies Manager
Ms Charlie Shishodia Veterinary Nurse (Medical)
Mr John Sibson Senior Finance Assistant
Anhad Sidhu Professional Doctorate in Vet Medicine
Professor Geoff Simm Director of the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, and Chair of Global Agriculture and Food Security
Miss Hannah Nicole Simpson Head of Marketing and Communications
Matthew Simpson Small Animal Surgery Intern
Shirley Simpson Senior Surgical Nurse
Mr Jimmy Sinclair Servitor
Dafni Sivolapenko Veterinary Neurology and Neurosurgery Resident
Charles Sloan Stockman
Robert Sloan Stockman
Miss Suzanne Small Veterinary Nurse - Emergency and Critical Care (ECC)
Ms Ashley Smillie Animal Care Assistant
Ms Alison Smith Receptionist
Chloe Smith Laboratory Technician
Jasmine Smith Farm Vet
Nikki Smith Radiographer
Sharon Smith Client Accounts Assistant Veterinary Clinical Services
Karen Smyth Deputy Director, SEBI
Ms Cristina Soare Lecturer
Kirsty Soave Accounts Assistant
Gemma Sonka Dispensary Assistant
Lorna Speedie Animal Care Assistant - Nights
Lauren Stables Veterinary Nurse
Miss Flo Stark Simpson Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Nurse
Daria Starybrat Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care
Anna Sternberg
Mr David Strachan Servitor
Ms Fiona Strachan Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Sarah Struthers
Teresita Suarez Noguez EPIC Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Nadia Suchdev Veterinary Nurse - Surgical
Tijani Sulaimon PhD Student
Jane Sullivan Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice
Miss Abbie Summers Clinical Finance Assistant
Mrs Glynis Summers Finance Manager
Dori Szabo Intern in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Mr Garry Tainsh BVM&S Partnership Officer (International)
Prof. Joyce Tait Founding Director of the Innogen Centre/Institute
Ms Nicola Tait Estates Campus Manager
Mrs Sally Tait BVM&S Year 5 Administrator
Yilin Tan
Yilin Tan Combined Internship/Residency in Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging
Yilin Tan Lecturer in Diagnostic Imaging
Nila Taylor Small Animal Rotating Intern
Dr Sarah Taylor Senior Lecture in Equine Orthopaedics
Francesca Teifel Easter Bush Campus Operations and Services
Lisa Telford Soft Tissue Nurse
Mrs Jeni Temperley Campus Health and Safety Manager
Mr Peter Tennant Senior Research Assistant
Ms Barbara Testa Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Anna Theobald MSc
Georgia Third Veterinary Nursing Student
Leisa Thomas Senior Philanthropy Officer - Health, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
Dr Jamie-Leigh Thompson DVetMed Resident in Small animal Surgery
Naomi Thompson Bio-Imaging & Flow Cytometry Technician
Miss Paula Thompson Equine Head Nurse
Ms Heather Thomson BVM&S Year 2 Administrator
Katy Thomson Lecturer in Equine Practice
Marcus Thomson Poultry Technician
Prof Michael Thrusfield Personal Chair of Veterinary Epidemiology
Robbie Tod Farm Animal Technician
Becca Todd Veterinary Night Nurse - General
Dr Henry Todd ECATV Lectureship
Nina Tomlin Lecturer in Competency Based Veterinary Education
Mr David Tracey Servitor
Sophie Tutton Intern in Rabbit and Exotic Medicine and Surgery
Claire Twist Client Care Assistant
Bram van Bunnik Core Scientist - Quantitative Predictive Epidemiology
Claudia Van Zadelhoff Combined Internship/Residency in Equine Diagnostic Imaging
Ms Katarina Varjonen Lecturer in Veterinary Dermatology
Jai Varma Veterinary Nurse - Ward Based
Aimee Waites UG Student
Sadb Waldron Equine Rotating Intern
Olivia Walesby Emergency and Critical Care Service resident
Mr David Walker Senior Clinical Training Scholar in Vet. Anatomic Pathology
Hannah Walker Senior Training Scholar in Small Animal Internal Medicine
Jenny Wall Veterinary Nurse - Emergency and Critical Care (ECC)
Lauryn Walmsley-Rowe UG Student
Miss Hayley Walters Welfare & Anaesthesia Veterinary Nurse
Xiawen Wang Data Scientist Programmer
Dr Rob Ward Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Laura Wardrop CPD Manager
Heather Warnock Facility Manager & Import and Export Manager, BVS
Ms Marianne Watson PA to Head of School
Ms Wendy Watson MSc Programme Co-ordinator
Dr Darren Watt Business Manager
Peter Watt Requisition Administrator
Mrs Jane Weaver Deputy Facilities and Services Manager
Steph Weir Registered Veterinary Nurse
Miss Kimberley Whalen Emergency and Critical Care Veterinary Nurse
Lynn White Client Care Services Assistant - Equine
Mrs Val White Campus Operating Officer
Jenny Whyte Veterinary Nurse - General Rotation
Chris Arie Wijaya
Roo Wijeyesekera
Mr Kieren Wilkinson Servitor
Aislinn Williams Veterinary Nurse DVSAP and Medicine
Claire Williams Combined Internship/Residency Small Animal Oncology
Dr Erin Williams Senior Lecturer in Applied Veterinary Anatomy
Miss Claire Williams Combined Internship/Residency Small Animal Oncology
Calum Williamson Student Recruitment Officer
Rowan Willman Veterinary Nurse - Anaesthesia
Paula Wilson Clinical Cleaning Assistant
Shauni Wilson Veterinary Nurse -Neurology
Ms Dawn Windsor Named Training and Competency Officer
Josh Winter Intern in Small Animal surgery
Johanna Wolf, Dr med vet, Dipl ACVECC, Dipl ECVECC, MRCVS Lecturer in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care
Ms Alexandra Wood Veterinary Nurse (Medical)
Mr Colin Wood Clinical Pathology Laboratory Manager
Mrs Steffi Wood Lecturer in Equine Practice
Ms Kerry Woodhouse Lecturer/Clinician in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Glynn Woods Lecturer in Companion Animal Internal Medicine & Co-Director of Rotating Internship Programme
Tom Woods Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice
Dr David Wragg Research Fellow
Ms Elizabeth Wright PG Administration Assistant
Mrs Elizabeth Wright Pharmacist
Lisa Wright Diagnostic Radiographer
Ms Gaia Wu BVM&S Recruitment and Admissions Administrator
Lynne Wylie Sterile Services Assistant
Kana Yamasaki
Dr Gonzalo Yebra
Laura Zabala Findlay Senior Research Comms Assistant
Adib Zanordin
Wengang Zhang
Zhuneng Zhou MSc
Insani Zulfa