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Laminitis Awareness Day at the Equine Hospital

The School's Equine Hospital and Equine Practice hosted a hugely successful Laminitis Awareness Day on Saturday the 3rd May at the Easter Bush Campus.

The Equine Hospital was filled with over 100 visitors, who enjoyed events including practical demonstrations of ultrsounding hidden fat, heart rate monitoring to tailor exercise programs and metabolic testing case studies.There were also interactive stations on Body Condition Scoring, weighing and metabolic testing case studies.

A team from across the Hospital ran a lively panel, offering the chance for visitors to 'ask the expert' any questions with many interesting questions asked. There were also many displays and vets on hand to talk about Cushings, forage analysis, nutritional advice and of course, Laminitis.

John Keen, Head of the Equine Hospital and one of the panel experts, was delighted with the way the day had run.

The day was a great success and full credit goes to our organising team of Tess and Ruth along with the enthusiastic army of staff and student helpers and the willing horses involved in the demonstrations. Thanks also to the generous support from our sponsors and all the Servitors for moving rather a lot of furniture to set up the event. It was great to see all the attendees getting stuck into the fantastic interactive education stations and spending time talking to the feed companies that attended. There were some great questions and discussion in the ‘ask the experts’ panel sessions and there were lots of happy faces everywhere come 2pm!.

John KeenHead of Equine Hospital and Practice

Our thanks to everyone who helped to organise this day and to everyone who attended and generously donated to the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust.

Pictures were all taken and copyright Paul Alistair Collins

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