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Fellowships for innovative Easter Bush scientists

Two early career scientists at Easter Bush have been awarded one of the University’s most prestigious fellowships.

Double radiotherapy success for arthritic dog with cancer

Leading veterinary cancer centre uses radiation treatment to help Labrador with thymoma and severe joint pain.

Review calls for safeguarding of sea turtle populations

An in-depth review of sea turtle population monitoring studies has highlighted a need for immediate action to protect these key marine species.

Double hip replacement restores dog’s energy and mobility

Samoyed makes full recovery following operations to replace both his hips.

Student trio shares business contest prize pot

Three Easter Bush-based students have been recognised for their innovative business ideas.

Campus events champion autism awareness

Two events with high-profile speakers have been held at the Vet School campus to mark World Autism Month. 

Vet School helps penguin from Edinburgh Zoo

image of penguin lying on its chest in a MRI scanner
Expert teams worked together to identify cause of king penguin’s seizures.

Squirrelpox virus spreads north of central Scotland

A red squirrel in a tree
Scientists from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies have confirmed the death of a red squirrel from squirrelpox virus in an area previously unaffected by the disease.

Vet becomes first woman to finish extreme race

Elite ultrarunner is only 20th person to complete the Barkley Marathons in its 38-year history

Dick Vet Equine Hospital first in Scotland to offer standing CT and MRI to patients

Equine referral hospital now offers a further level of imaging modalities for horses referred with lameness and foot problems.

Teams work together to save cat following dog attack

Specialist vet and nursing teams successfully treat cat with life-threatening injuries.

Rare antelope gains improved conservation status

A herd of scimitar-horned oryx stand on grasslands in Chad, with a single tree in the background.
Numbers of scimitar-horned oryx boosted by reintroduction scheme with guidance from international team of experts.

Novel treatment proves successful in cats and dogs

Faecal transplantation helps restore gut health and helps animals with severe gastroenteritis.

Events celebrate women working in science

School pupils take part in a female-led workshop in the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre
Campus marks International Day of Women and Girls in Science by reflecting on progress and looking towards gender equality.

Wildlife health and conservation experts address COP event

Blue wildebeest at sunset in an African field.
Insights into health in migratory species presented to delegates at international convention.

Complex surgery corrects canine’s multiple eye conditions

Team of ophthalmologists shorten and repair inward turning eyelids and remove excess skin to improve dog’s sight.

Dogs’ size linked to blood pressure risk in surgery

Increased awareness around the links between body weight and low blood pressure under anaesthesia could curb risks, experts suggest.