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Professor Lisa Boden appointed new Head of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Portrait of Professor Lisa Boden
A leading specialist in veterinary public health and population medicine has been appointed as the new Head of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

Method offers boost to safety profile of live vaccines

A girl sits in a woman's lap while having a vaccine jab in her left leg.
Weakening virus by amending genetic code promises route to large-scale production of live vaccines. 

Project aims to curb losses from major cattle pest

Tiny red Asian blue tick Rhipicephalus microplus larvae cluster on a blade of grass in a cattle field.
Experts join collaboration to mitigate impact of Asian blue tick on cattle herds around the world.

Expert joins UK Government animal welfare committee

Professor Anna Meredith joins newly formed Animal Sentience Committee to support animal welfare in policymaking.

£35.5m investment supports next phase of Roslin research

Structure and design
BBSRC funding helps to further understanding of animal genetics and infectious diseases.

Human genes linked to life-threatening Covid-19

Large-scale study of patient data highlights 49 genetic differences associated with critical illness.

Sports day brings campus community together

Staff, students and tenants from across Easter Bush Campus enjoy fun competitions at summer gathering.

Pet therapy brings paw-sitive benefits for students

Dick Vet staff and students co-design pioneering project to deliver benefits of time spent with dogs.

Campus expands team of mental health first aiders

Over 60 trained volunteers available to support mental wellbeing of staff and students.

Acupuncture helps treat arthritis in South American mammal

Coatimundi responds well to pioneering treatment from Dick Vet team.

Antelope conservation aided by genetic management

Scimitar-horned oryx (Oryx dammah) and calf in desert grasslands in Ouadi Rimé-Ouadi Achim nature reserve in Chad.
Effective conservation of oryx populations underscores successful reintroduction in the wild.

Wildcat conservation plans informed by expert collaboration

Scottish wildcat looks directly at the camera as it sits in a tree at the RZSS Highland Wildlife park
Five-year project assesses Scottish wildcat population and proposes measures to safeguard the species.

Experts advise UK Government on bird flu 

A flock of wild birds flies over grassland against a grey sky
Scientific specialists contribute to action plan on managing current and future severe bird flu strains. 

Fellowships recognise leading research talent 

scientist working in a lab
Prestigious awards from University and BBSRC nurture outstanding scientists and pioneering projects. 

Connectivity in dolphin DNA may aid conservation plans

Dolphins at sea
Atlantic white-sided dolphins shown to be strongly connected across their population, challenging common assumption of divided groups in cetacean species.

Long-term approach on bird flu is best, study finds

A colony of gannets is seen nesting on Bass Rock in Scotland.
Lasting conservation measures targeted at most vulnerable species are recommended in a report for the Scottish Government.

Teaching tools aid students in developing key practical skills

Inexpensive 3D models help undergraduates practise essential surgical procedures.

Student led workshops support vulnerable children

three vet students holding teddies of dogs and cats
‘Be a Vet for the Day’ initiative teaches compassion and empathy.

Intense physiotherapy gets Beau back on her feet

three images of french bulldog in physiotherapy sessions
French bulldog with slipped disc benefits from laser treatment and specialised therapy.

Multi-species study aids understanding of bird flu

Response to infection in birds from chickens to crows points to biological factors linked to disease resistance.

Proactive cat healthcare can prevent common conditions

Danielle gun moore cats
Dental care, weight management and parasite prevention shown as priority conditions for cat owners to be aware of, to improve their pet's quality of life.

Marking two centuries of veterinary expertise 

Black and white image of vet school founder Prof William Dick against a tartan backdrop
This year marks the bicentenary of the Dick Vet, with a series of celebratory events at the School and beyond. 

Webinar series gives insight into life as a Dick Vet student

veterinary student holding puppy
Taking students on a journey through studying veterinary medicine at Edinburgh.

Gene activity and digit structure define fingerprint pattern 

close up of human fingerprints detailing arch, loop and whorl features
Fingerprint formation is initiated by a specialised molecular process, influenced by the anatomy of the developing hand, research shows. 

DNA reference for key fish species aids food security

Resource detailing genome of Nile tilapia supports sustainable farming of important strain of livestock.

Inclusive multi-species research improves pack mule welfare

Breaking camp at Tazrit 2
An approach based on deep listening and genuine dialogue involving animals has helped transform conditions and welfare for working equines.