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School celebrates Art of a Vet Student competition winners

Veterinary students showcase their artistic talents in a variety of ways in annual competition.

The School’s annual art competition for undergraduate veterinary students, ‘Art of a Vet Student’ has resulted in four joint winners in the 2021-22 academic year with their art exhibited in the Vet School building.

The initiative, which grows in popularity each year, celebrates the artistic talents of our undergraduates and encourages them to express their creativity alongside their studies.

The competition is organised by the Dick Vet Student Union in conjunction with the School and gives students a chance to express what being a vet means to them. They are able to interpret the theme as they wish and use any medium they would like.


Huge congratulations to Emily Munro, Zoe Insley, Kat Miller and Michelle Davidson, the four joint winners of this year’s competition. Each chose a different medium for their art: linoprint, crochet, poetry and leathercraft.

All four students created a beautiful piece of art that highlights their own incredible talent and gives a unique insight and appreciation into their own thoughts and experiences as a vet student.

Annual competition

The annual ‘Art of a Vet Student’ competition has been running at the School since 2013. Each year, winning entries are chosen by a panel of staff and students and are then printed and exhibited in the Vet School.

The Art of a Vet Student competition is one of the highlights of the year for me. Often the amazing creative talents that sit within our student body remain hidden but this is an opportunity to showcase and enjoy another side of our students. Every year I am just in awe of our submissions - all are winners even if we have to choose only a few for the annual prizes and display in the Vet School.

Dr Jessie PatersonSenior Lecturer in Student Learning

This year’s winning entries, as well as winners from previous years, are on display in the William Dick building. You can view all the entries to this year’s competition on padlet.

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