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Campus to host secondary school with focus on STEM

Local high school pupils to benefit from educational facility within University site.

Life changed for dogs during lockdown, study finds

Long-term study of Labrador health highlights impact of pandemic restrictions.

Dog blood donors deliver milestone achievement

Dogs donate enough blood to help save the lives of more than 2,000 fellow canines.

‘Storytelling with Dogs’ explores what it means to feel at home 

Group of people listen to men reading out loud from a book with dogs at their feet
Group share animal-themed stories, poetry and anecdotes in free community event.

Staff honoured by students in annual teaching awards

EUSA Teaching Awards 2022 logo
Colleagues recognised for efforts to support learning, in University-wide accolades.

Dick Vet takes home Gold at University Sustainability Awards

Success marks 10 years of Sustainability Award achievements for Easter Bush campus.

Vaccine campaign to free Indian state from rabies

Owners are offered free rabies vaccinations for their dogs
Data-driven, One Health approach puts Goa on target to eliminate disease and save lives.

National assessment highlights research excellence

UK Research Excellence Framework results affirm outstanding research environment and impact on society.

Racehorse study to shed light on respiratory immunity

Cell analysis hoped to reveal biological pathways and indicators underlying airway inflammation in equine athletes.

Pet fitted with glucose monitor now in diabetic remission

Black cat fitted with a glucose monitor
Cat’s glucose levels successfully monitored using Bluetooth technology.

Ministerial visit to Agritech Hub highlights data potential

Minister Jo Churchill and Easter Bush hosts posing in front of LARIF
Defra Minister discusses data-driven innovation and capability of genetic technologies at the Easter Bush Agritech Hub.

Dick Vet announces 2022 Diversity Summer Schools Programme

A student holding a dog
Supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds interested in studying veterinary medicine

Dog benefits from innovative dentistry procedure

Series of images showing successful realignment of dog's lower canine tooth using bite plane
Hospital Dentistry Service uses brace to successfully realign dog’s canine tooth.

Scientist recognised for animal welfare research

Dr Martin with dog on the beach
Dr Jessica Martin has been named Early Career Researcher of the Year in recognition of her work to minimise animal suffering.

Internal Medicine service designs innovative fluoroscopy solution

Horse X Ray
Vet specialists develop practical tool to help them when conducting swallow studies in small animals

Roslin Institute Director Appointment

A pioneering scientist has been appointed as Director of the Roslin Institute, with immediate effect.

People assume dogs’ emotions based on face shape

Insight into common biases based on dogs’ appearance could help rehoming efforts.

School celebrates Art of a Vet Student competition winners

collection of knitted soft animals
Veterinary students showcase their artistic talents in a variety of ways in annual competition.

Consensus sought on dog gut bacteria transplants

International survey of small animal vets shows variety in use of novel gastrointestinal treatment.

Initiative seeks to inspire future women scientists

IDWGS Image Cropped
Easter Bush campus challenges gender bias with outreach activities to promote the message that science is for all.

Veterinary science helps safeguard red squirrels

Baby Red Squirrel
Disease surveillance provides key insights into health threats facing iconic species.

Questionnaire helps diagnose dog behavioural problems

Dog ignored
Study shows that an owner questionnaire is a valid method in assessing canine frustration.

Gut bacteria transplants could ease chronic illness

Studies examine prospects of healthy gut bacteria donations to manage inflammatory gut conditions in dogs.