The Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education

JMICAWE Presentations

Past presentations from the JMICAWE

Professor David Mellor

Autumn 2011 - Animal emotions, behaviour and the promotion of positive welfare states.

Professor Bernie Rollins

Autumn 2011 - Debate on animal welfare and ethics.

Professor Peter Sandøe

The use of animals in research - what are the ethical issues?

Dr Rick D’Eath

Aggression in pigs when they are mixed into new groups.

Dr Marie Haskell

Assessing welfare on farm using behavioural measures.

Dr Malcolm Mitchell

Transportation of animals.

Xavier Manteca

Behavioural and welfare consequences of pain in farm and companion animals.

Panel of speakers at AWSELVA conference

Question and answer session.

FVE-EAEVE Working Group

FVE-EAEVE Working Group on Development of a Model Curriculum for Animal Welfare in Veterinary Undergraduate Education.

Dr Dorothy McKeegan

Presentation to the Veterinary Student's Ethics Forum.

Wildlife & Zoo Ethics

Dr Dorothy McKeegan - Wildlife & Zoo Ethics.

After Dolly - the ethical dilemma of animal biotechnology

Bruce Whitelaw from the Roslin Institute and Peter Sandøe from the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen discuss how far researchers should go in their manipulation of domestic animals in order to produce food and medicine.

Real World Animal Welfare

Real world animal welfare presented by Professor Natalie Waran.

The vet's role in improving animal welfare

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Animal Welfare in Developing Countries - Too-tough-to-tackle?

Heather Bacon and Hayley Walters from the JMICAWE, provide staff and students with a super presentation based on the theme - Animal Welfare in Developing Countries - too tough to tackle?

The Future of Animal Welfare Conference

Session 1 from the MSc AABAW Conference - The future of animal welfare.

The Future of Animal Welfare Conference

Session 3 - Farm Animal Welfare in UK, the past, present and future.

The Future of Animal Welfare Conference

Session 4 - Animal welfare around the World

Hannah Medley

Hannah Medley from Police Scotland gives her talk about Wildlife Crime.

Bangalore Conference

The short video features staff from the Roslin Institute and Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies who travelled to Bangalore in March 2014.

Natalie Waran - BHS Conference

In 2015, Professor Natalie Waran presented to the BHS confernece her talk, Misbehaving or misunderstood.