International Opportunities for Postgraduate students

Many of our Postgraduate students benefit from our extensive international research links and a good number of agreements that enable us to find research possibilities for students all over the world.

During my dissertation for my MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare at the University of Edinburgh, I learnt how to organise and carry out a project abroad, in Indonesia. This experience taught me about the logistics necessary for undertaking research abroad, and how many parties are involved; which can be a lot of work! Researching in Indonesia gave me a unique insight into the practicalities of animal welfare and conservation, in a real life situation. I feel the outcome of my project provided some useful information that could really be applied. Most of all, from this experience I was able to understand the realities of working overseas. This has encouraged me to pursue a career in animal welfare and conservation abroad; learning about a new culture, making contacts in the field and carrying out research that I feel could make a difference, were combined factors from this experience that have led me to this decision

Caraan MSc student, felt she gained a lot of different experiences while undertaking a project abroad

The MSc secured me the position I have today. After graduating I joined a canine research team within the Ministry of Defence, as a behavioural scientist. The MSc course taught me there is far more to the animal welfare concept than I first thought; psychology, behaviour, biology, ethics, law and human attitudes all play key roles. I was able to study these themes through complex debates, speaking with leading animal behaviourists and field visits to a range of establishments. My dissertation project involved researching wild Eurasian beavers, Castor fiber, in Norway - a unique experience where I designed and carried out my own research project in challenging field conditions. The MSc really is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to pursue a career working with animals.

Annawho graduated in 2013 with an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare

Other students’ projects have included:

  • International Animal Rescue – Study rehabilitation and release of macaques and slow Lorises
  • University of Saskatchewan – Handling methods in beef cattle
  • University of Bern – Play behaviour and positive welfare in laboratory animals
  • Florida – Learning in wild dolphins
  • UC San Diego – Effect of insecticides on honeybee behaviour
  • Barcelona – Housing for dairy cows
  • Italy (Naples/Tarquinia) – Cognition in octopus