Alumni Profiles

Quotes from our international alumni on life post university.

I graduated from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in 2009 with an interest in working with companion and exotic animals. After graduation, I moved back to the States and spent time in both small and general practices and primary emergency hospitals around the Philidelphia area. I am currently working at a large mixed practise in a Philidelphia suburb where there is a large exotic and emergency clientele. I thoroughly enjoy the variety of medicine and species I have the opportunity to work with

Andrea SaksekUnited States - Class of 2009

After graduating in 2012 I completed a small animal rotating surgical internship at Rutland House Referral Hospital in St. Helens, England. It was there that I developed a keen interest in orthopaedic surgery. After completing my internship I decided to go into first opinion practise to develop my general knowledge and surgical skills with the hopes of going on to completing a surgical residency

Erica CampbellUnited States/United Kingdom - Class of 2012

I joined the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore after graduating in 2012. As a government veterinarian, I review and coordinate national animal health policies, veterinary import polices, legislation and contingency plans for exotic animal diseases. Being part of a large organisation, I have to collaborate closely with my colleague, as well as other government agencies, private organisations and overseas veterinary authorities. My job is challenging yet rewarding as I contribute to safe-guarding animal health, welfare and veterinary public health of my country.I was at the R(D)SVS interviews held in Singapore in January to share with prospective students my experiences living and studying in Edinburgh. I was impressed with the efforts put in by the team to engage prospective students to ensure that they are prepared for what they are committing to in attending vet school. I was also heartened to find that the prospective students came from a diverse background but all had a keen enthusiasm in a veterinary career.”

Alwyn TanSingapore - Class of 2012

I did my research study at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and was awarded my PhD degree in 2013. My supervisor was Bernadette Dutia and under her guidance I had a memorable experience in Edinburgh. Not only did I gain academic knowledge but I learned how to plan and build my own life and even met my husband! After that, I worked in a medical equipment agency as a technical support in Shenzhen, China.Recently, I have moved to Hong Kong as I look for my next position. As an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh, it was my honour to have the chance to attend the candidate interview which was held in Hong Kong for the first time. Because most candidates haven’t been to Edinburgh, it was a good chance to introduce them to the city - it’s beautiful and the people are friendly - and college life. The candidates had the chance to meet Edinburgh staff so closely they knew they had made the right choice to apply to the University of Edinburgh - just as I did 7 years ago!

Xuan WangHong Kong - PhD Student 2013

Born and educated in Singapore, it was my first time living overseas when I came to Edinburgh. After graduating in 2014 from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies I moved back to Singapore to be a lab animal vet. The great variety of species on can work with and the opportunity to be involved in the heart of a vibrant scientific research environment are some of the great rewards of the job. Interaction with a huge team of researchers in the academic and industry setting is the perfect environment for a new graduateI was fortunate to be involved in the recently held pre-admission interviews in Singapore. It had been great meeting and sharing experiences with enthusiastic applicants who are filled with passion for their future studies.

Tim ChuaSingapore - Class of 2014

I graduated from the R(D)SVS in 2011. I spent three years in a busy small animal practise in the north east of England. I have recently returned to the R(D)SVS Hospital for Small Animals as an intern and am thoroughly enjoying being back and honoured to be part of the Dick Vet once again.”

Craig BrehenyUnited Kingdom (Scotland) - Class of 2011

Born and raised in Hong Kong I have always been a city girl. With an ongoing menagerie at home I was exposed to animals from a young age and knew from my early teens that I wanted to be a vet. After graduating from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in 2012 I soon landed my dream job working for the SPCA back home in Hong Kong. Working for a large, well established animal welfare charity I get the mix of rewarding welfare work with a challengingly high case load - perfect for an enthusiastic new graduate!

Tanya MastersHong Kong - Class of 2012

I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur and always wanted to be a vet. I volunteered at my local vet practice and rescue centres, which was a very useful introduction to the practical realities of becoming an animal health professional. I’d certainly recommend that anyone thinking of becoming a vet does some volunteering too - just to check that it is definitely for them!After graduating from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in 2003, I started work in a mixed practice in Fife. Getting to grips with horses, cattle and pigs was great fun, but lambing was my favourite time of year. It meant long days and little sleep, but it was great to be at the centre of such an important few weeks, with so many new lives coming into the world.I then decided to concentrate on small animals, and worked at practices in Glasgow and Darlington, before returning to Edinburgh. I now work at Vets4Pets at Fort Kinnaird and see an interesting range of cases. I was surprised, but very pleased, to be shortlisted for the Vet of the Year Awards in 2013. Making it to the final 3, from the many thousands of vets who were nominated by their clients was pretty humbling.I’m currently studying for a GP/ Post-Graduate Certificate in Small Animal Surgery, as surgery is a particular interest for me. I also return frequently to the Dick Vet, attending the Vet Clinical Club meetings to learn about the latest advances and techniques. I find these extremely useful and it’s lovely to return to the School and catch-up with familiar faces.

Paik KohMalaysia - Class of 2003

Having just graduated after five amazing years at the Dick Vet I have spent a lot of time recently reminiscing about my time spent at what I think is the best vet school. I am very proud to be able to say I graduated from the University of Edinburgh. My favourite part of the Dick Vet was being able to meet and socialise with other years on a daily basis giving the whole vet school a sense of community.Edinburgh vet school doesn’t only look at grades but definitely takes into account the person they accept onto the course meaning there is a huge amount of different characters and talents throughout the student body which makes it an extremely great uni to attend. I cannot believe five years is over and I start a job a week after graduation but I am very much looking forward to my new job as well as the next reunion for my year.

Katie WynneUnited Kingdom - Class of 2015