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64 Slice CT Scanner - Ebony Case Study

New 64-Slice CT allowed surgeons precisely plan their surgical approach and save Ebony’s life.

Ebony the dog

Many dogs can play with sticks all their lives without incident. Unfortunately injuries do occur, which can be extremely serious and sometimes fatal.

Ebony was referred to the Hospital for Small Animals as an emergency from her primary vet. She had sustained a serious stick injury whilst on her walk. The stick had penetrated tissue from the back of her mouth right down to her armpit.

Investigations were carried out to determine the extent of the injury and with the aid of our new 64-slice CT, the surgeons could precisely plan their surgical approach. The surgery to remove the stick and repair the torn tissue was successful. 

Ebi was lucky that she was able to have the life-saving surgery that she urgently needed. We are delighted with her recovery.