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The Dick Vet Hospital Garden

The Dick Vet Hospital Garden, at the University of Edinburgh’s Easter Bush Campus, has been lovingly developed over the years and continues to evolve thanks to gifts and charitable donations. Our clients, patients, donors, visitors, students, alumni and staff enjoy using this healing garden as a quiet retreat and place for reflection.

Within the garden, you will find our Path of Memories. It’s an area specifically designed to allow animal lovers the opportunity to celebrate and commemorate their beloved pets. There’s also several benches for people to rest and enjoy their natural surroundings. Both the granite stones in the Path of Memories and benches are available to commemorate the pets you love.

Path of Memories

Max stone

The Path of Memories is a wonderful way to remember the pets you love, whilst also supporting the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. Beautiful solid granite stones engraved with your pet’s name are available to purchase and place alongside the Path.

Stones measure approximately 23cm (length) x 10.5cm (width) x 5.5cm (depth) and can be personalised with up to two lines of text. The maximum number of characters per line is twelve including spaces.

A stone in the Path of Memories costs £250. This covers engraving, installation and maintenance, and includes a Gift Aid-able donation of £150 to your chosen area of the Dick Vet. Simply let us know what area you would like your donation to help, for example The Hospital for Small Animals, the Equine Hospital or All4Paws.

To discuss your options or to hear what other people have chosen contact / 0131 650 9221.


Sponsored Bench

All benches in the Dick Vet Hospital Garden are hand-made to order with the highest standards of craftsmanship. An aged bronze plaque, measuring approximately 19cm (length) x 5.5cm (height), is secured onto the bench. Your plaque can be personalised with up to five rows of text.

A bench with personalised engraved plaque costs £2,500 for a 15-year lease and includes a £1,500 Gift Aid-able donation to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. You can support any area of the Dick Vet, including the Hospital for Small Animals, Equine Veterinary Services, or International Animal Welfare.

For more information or to place your order please contact / 0131 650 922.



The Dick Vet Garden and Path of Memories form part of the University of Edinburgh Easter Bush Campus for the benefit of all patients, clients, visitors, students, alumni and staff. The garden is open to visit at any time. The grounds are managed and maintained by the University of Edinburgh Landscape Section, and to ensure the overall appearance and sustainability of the garden please note that flowers may be placed on or near individual stones but will be removed and composted by ground maintenance staff after 7-10 days; please avoid leaving any non-biodegradable materials.

All fundraising activities on behalf of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies are administered by the University of Edinburgh Development Trust, registered charity number SC004307.

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