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International Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is at the forefront of all that we do at the Dick Vet and it is for this reason that we have established an integrated international centre for animal welfare.

Scientific advances in animal welfare are having a positive impact on encouraging people to change their attitudes and behaviours. This is leading to a greater concern for animals and secondly the development of improved methods of animal husbandry and care.

Through our education and outreach work the Animal Welfare Centre aims to:

  • Develop greater awareness of the ethical use of animals and usefulness of alternatives to live animals in teaching and research.
  • Improve animal welfare and ethics training for veterinarians in parts of the world where animal welfare is of concern.
  • Provide relevant and accessible teaching programmes in animal welfare to promote a positive animal welfare ethos through education and training.
  • Empower future veterinarians so that they are informed and confident animal welfare ambassadors.
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You can make a real difference to the future lives of animals across the world, by helping us educate others in animal welfare science.

The following are just some of the projects for which your funds have or can be used:

>> Provide life-size equine simulator, life-size cow model and small animal mannekins to be used as alternatives in teaching.

>> Scholarships for national and international students to study one of our postgraduate programmes.

>> Providing our expertise in India, to ensure that their veterinary education curriculum incorporates animal welfare science.

>> Clinical skill workshops in China to help develop their animal welfare knowledge and skills, so they can competently train others.

We are extremely grateful for your support, and would encourage you to visit our website to discover more about the Animal Welfare Education Centre -

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If you would like to discuss supporting International Animal Welfare initiatives please contact Sandra Chilton.

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