Conservation Science

MSc/PG Cert/Diploma/PPD in Conservation Medicine

This part time online program offers qualified veterinarians the opportunity to further develop their skills to contribute to applied conservation projects.

Conservation Medicine is an established field that studies the complex relationships and interactions between animal health, human health and ecosystem health. It emerged in the 1990s as a response to the need for a more holistic and interdisciplinary approach to the conservation of biodiversity. In particular, the importance of health in many conservation issues was widely recognised. With its foundation in the principles of conservation biology, Conservation Medicine incorporates contributions from the health sciences, ecology and the social sciences. It may be regarded as the application of One Health to the conservation of biodiversity.

This programme provides veterinarians with the skills, knowledge and global networks required to be effective practitioners of Conservation Medicine.  It is an online programme and the flexible and part-time format allows participants to achieve a world-class award while maintaining busy professional and personal commitments. The teaching provides a blend of theoretical and practical education to provide the foundation for a career in conservation. A variety of innovative techniques and approaches to teaching are used including online lectures, case studies, discussion forums and personal or group activities. Participants will have a unique opportunity to learn from internationally recognised specialists, both within the University of Edinburgh and from local and international organisations. 

More information is available on the course website.