Conservation Science

Wildlife Health Bridge

The Wildlife Health Bridge is a collaborative project between the Zoological Society of London, Royal Veterinary College, Wildlife Institute of India, University of Edinburgh and University of Melbourne.


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It was initiated in 2009 to improve the education of wildlife health professionals, providing particular support for those in biodiverse, low-resource settings. Our vision is to achieve global capacity in highly trained wildlife health professionals in a synergised network.


Partners in the project work collaboratively to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide high quality education in wildlife health, ecosystem health and wildlife biology particularly to students from biodiverse countries, locally relevant to the practice of wildlife health in low resource settings.
  • To facilitate interchange of students between collaborating countries for research studies in wildlife health.
  • To provide a global graduate network of wildlife health professional alumni for the purpose of (i) enabling networking by wildlife health professionals (ii) facilitating contact and information exchange between the Bridge institutions and graduates.


The Interventions in Wild Animal Health course is a key component of the Wildlife Health Bridge. It was developed in 2016 to provide practical training for wildlife veterinarians in South Asia, and is also an elective course for the online Conservation Medicine MVetSci Programme and open to CPD students from around the world.

Wild Animal Alumni (WAA) is an international knowledge exchange network of graduates from four Masters-level courses in the wild animal health field run by the partners of the Wildlife Health Bridge. Our aim is to create a global wild animal health network of professionals, academics and all others who work in relevant fields. We encourage collaboration and discussions to better everybody's knowledge and ability to work towards improving wild animal health practices and research worldwide.