Our service is about providing support to homeless and vulnerably housed people and their companion animals.

Academic events at All4Paws

Group of people listen to men reading out loud from a book with dogs at their feet
Story-telling with dogs, for students and members of the public at All4Paw

June saw three academic events at All4Paws linked to a theme of ‘being at home in the city’ and also the opposite – being homeless.

The first was a walk led by renowned wildlife education Dan Puplett who took us on a route starting at Greyfriars Kirk and meandering through the city centre to arrive back at the All4Paws clinic. We learned how animals and plants lived in close proximity to humans, often in unexpected places and often overlooked. Back at the clinic we continued the conversation and reflected on human homelessness.

The second event was a ‘story-telling with animals’ afternoon in the clinic space. Art and vet students shared stories (some published, some their own) about animal encounters of many different types, led by writer Tom Jeffreys who edits The Learned Pig magazine.

The third event, for academics and early career researchers, was a series of short presentations in workshop format at Edinburgh College of Art, followed by an evening ‘salon’ at All4Paws where discussion continued in relation to themes of animal and place.

All three events were linked to the Humanimal Kind research nexus convened by Edinburgh College of Art lecturer Andrea Roe and facilitated by a research award from ECA.


Trainee Vet Nurses visit

Student nurses from Hansenberg College, Denmark, with Pace, Annie and miscellaneous toys!
Student nurses from Hansenberg College, Denmark, with Pace, Annie and miscellaneous toys!

In late June, we had a visit from trainee veterinary nurses from Hansenberg College, Denmark, accompanied by their teacher, veterinarian Rebekka Lund Ertel.

The nurses were shown round the clinic and we had a good discussion about under-served animal owners and how best to provide compassionate veterinary care.

Pace and Annie kept the group busy throwing toys and we enjoyed lemonade and biscuits on a hot day.

The students brought an incredibly generous financial gift towards the clinics’ funds which will of course be put to good use.

Presentation to General Council

Also in June (a busy month!) Andrew Gardiner gave a presentation to the University’s General Council about the work of All4Paws which was well received. The lunchtime poster display at the event allowed networking with other University initiatives such as the student-run law clinic and the Centre for Homelessness and Inclusion Health

Community Partner Organisation: Street Assist

In July, colleagues Sarah Anderson, Lesley McAra and Stuart Tooley, from the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability, helped facilitate the first community partner organisation to share the space at Nicolson Street. Working under the ‘Dick Vet in the Community’ banner, the vet school will be delighted to host Street Assist as a community partner.