The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Bicentenary

The Dick Vet family

There has always been a close family atmosphere at the Dick Vet.

Stained glass of the word "alumni" in capitals, with the 'u' written as a 'v'

This was established by the founder of the vet school, William Dick and his sister, Mary, and promoted by membership of student clubs and societies.

In the tradition of William and Mary Dick, the role of ‘parent’ to first year students is now taken on by those in second year.

The Dick Vet endeavours to keep this sense of family alive after graduation by maintaining close links with our alumni all over the world through publication of the Dick Vet News, events and reunions.

International influence

The Dick Vet has had international students since its earliest days.

Veterinary surgeons trained at the Dick Vet have gone home or emigrated to establish veterinary clinics all over the world.

In addition, Dick Vet alumni have established veterinary schools in:

  • Toronto (1861)
  • Glasgow (1862)
  • Montreal (1866)
  • Cornell (1868)
  • Edinburgh itself (1873)
  • Harvard (1882)
  • Dublin (1900)
  • Sydney (1910)
  • Lima (1946)