The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Bicentenary


We aim to provide world class education, research and clinical service to improve the health of animals and human beings alike.

Vet School Mission Statement

Our mission is to benefit society and the environment by educating veterinary surgeons to become members of world-wide public and professional health care teams; and to advance veterinary and comparative medicine through research into disease and disease processes, with the goal of improving the health and welfare of both animals and human beings. 

Further, and through the Roslin Institute, our Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems and our Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) Agritech Hub, we aim to educate the next generation of Agri-leaders and to develop research solutions to solve the grand challenges relating to food systems and planetary health.   

Using outstanding Educational, Research and Clinical Facilities, we:

  • Ensure a stimulating educational environment to equip our students for the profession and life-long learning, underpinned by an excellent curriculum
  • Undertake veterinary clinical and biomedical research to improve animal health and welfare
  • Provide a veterinary service of the highest quality to our clients, and in doing so provide clinical opportunities for our students in a wide variety of domestic species
  • Protect society through safe food production and control of emerging and zoonotic diseases

Through our activities, we will support the aims of the University of Edinburgh in its fundamental mission to advance and disseminate knowledge and understanding.

Strategic Plan

The School's strategic plan for 2020-2025 sets out a vision for how the School will meet its objectives across student admissions, the student experience, teaching and learning, research, clinical services, estates and infrastructure, governance, and service excellence.

You can download a summary of the Strategic Plan 2020-2025 below.