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About Us

Our purpose and what we provide.

COVID-19 is the biggest public health challenge of our life time.  Policymakers and clinicians are faced with having to make difficult decisions in an atmosphere of great uncertainty.  Unprecedented amounts of research are being done on all aspects of this disease; however the very volume of this research itself creates difficulties.  Making sense of this large and rapidly growing body of research is itself an overwhelming task.

One of the contributions that we as an academic community can make is to help with this task.  We have the training and the skills to sift through the research to find evidence that is reliable and relevant and to summarise it so that it can be used to guide the decisions of policymakers.

UNCOVER is a network of population health researchers and information specialists who are committed to responding quickly to requests from policymakers for evidence reviews.  This website is not just for us: it is also for those who are working independently on their own reviews.  The methodology and support resources we have created are freely available to researchers everywhere and can equally be used by those researching clinical aspects of COVID-19.

On this site you will find an up-to-date register of COVID-19 evidence reviews from around the world.  We recommend that you check this register before embarking on your own review, to avoid duplication of effort. 

On this site you will also find a step-by-step guide to conducting COVID-19 rapid evidence reviews using the UNCOVER methodology.  There are links to support materials and a range of templates to support your work.