UNCOVER (Usher Network for COVid-19 Evidence Reviews)

UNCOVER at Summer Conferences

Lessons learned from UNCOVER's working model - which sees staff and students working alongside each other to address public health-related questions for decision-makers - have been the focus of several presentations at UK and international conferences throughout June.

Led by UNCOVER graduate Prerna Krishan, a small team of UNCOVER members - including Jodie Fryer, Alice Gornall-Wick, Durga Kulkarni and Emilie McSwiggan - presented at the ASPHER Young Researchers Forum on 9 June. The team shared findings from UNCOVER's rapid review of mental health among post-secondary students, and drew on learning from UNCOVER's own working model, to make recommendations for transitions to online learning in ways that support students' mental health and enhance their education. We were delighted that the UNCOVER team were awarded a Special Commendation for their presentation. 

UNCOVER member Bohee Lee also gave a wonderful presentation at the ASPHER Young Researchers Forum, focused on her work on mHealth applications used during COVID-19 in East and South-East Asia. Taking part in the Forum follows a competitive selection process, and we are very proud of Bohee and of the whole UNCOVER team for being invited to participate, and for the fantastic presentations they gave!

Sharing UNCOVER's working model, its implications for systematic review training, and its application to other areas of academic collaboration, was also the focus of two other presentations: one given by UNCOVER's Information Specialist, Marshall Dozier, at the European Association of Health Information & Libraries (EAHIL) annual conference at the beginning of June; and one given by an UNCOVER team including Thulani Ashcroft, Marshall Dozier, Damilola Iduye, Emilie McSwiggan, Kayla Ostrishko and Neneh Rowa-Dewar at the University of Edinburgh's Learning & Teaching Conference just last week.