UNCOVER (Usher Network for COVid-19 Evidence Reviews)

Congratulations to Dr Xiaomeng Zhang

Everyone at UNCOVER congratulates Dr Xiaomeng Zhang, who has just earnt her PhD on the "Application of instrumental variables methods for the investigation of non - genetic biomarkers and other risk factors for colorectal cancer risk".

In addition to working on her PhD, Xiaomeng has volunteered with UNCOVER from the start, and has made an important contribution to numerous pieces of work, including an ongoing umbrella review of COVID-19 clinical features. She has helped to maintain our Register of Reviews – a key database of COVID-19 evidence reviews, created to avoid duplication and facilitate coordinated approaches to understanding the pandemic.  

As a member of the Neighbourhood Design review team, Xiaomeng and a colleague recreated the search strategy and carried out the review in Chinese, in parallel to the English language review. This enabled us to draw fully on the early Chinese literature about COVID-19, adding a further rich dimension to the review. 

UNCOVER’s Co-Lead, Professor Evropi Theodoratou, also co-supervised Dr Zhang’s PhD, together with Dr Maria Timofeeva. She said: 

"It’s been a real pleasure and privilege working with Xiaomeng and I wish her all the best for her future career!"