UNCOVER | Applied Evidence Synthesis

Dissertations and Extended Projects

UNCOVER has provided supervision and mentorship to postgraduate and undergraduate students doing BMS Honours Research Projects, SSC5 projects, MPH and MRes dissertations. We are happy to support projects related to COVID-19 and its consequences.

During 2020 and 2021, UNCOVER has provided mentorship and supervision to students on a variety of programmes across the University of Edinburgh, for dissertations and extended projects on topics related to COVID-19. Students and course directors who are interested in working with us are welcome to get in touch at any time, to discuss ideas and opportunities for working together.

UNCOVER's area of expertise is in rapid and systematic reviews. However, students wishing to do a project with us do not need necessarily to have prior experience of systematic reviews, as we will provide self-study resources to provide students with a foundation knowledge, which they can develop together with their supervisor during the course of their project. Where funding permits, we will arrange for an experienced UNCOVER volunteer to be a peer mentor, providing students with additional support and being available to act as a second screener where required.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding COVID-19 and its consequences. Although most of the students we have worked with are from public health or medical programmes, we would also be pleased to work with students on other programmes across the University.

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