UNCOVER | Applied Evidence Synthesis

Applying Evidence to Real-World Questions

We carry out rapid and rigorous evidence reviews to answer decision-makers' questions about real-world challenges. Our roots are in the Covid pandemic, but we now aim to address a broad range of complex issues which have a public health dimension - from emerging diseases to the health effects of climate change. We thrive on collaboration, and continue to build partnerships with others who share our goals. We seek to build capacity in the next generation of public health researchers - postgraduate students and alumni with relevant training or experience are welcome to join us, and we produce a variety of open-access resources which are available for use around the world.

Many decision-makers and researchers share the same goals: We all want to answer the questions that matter, that will make a difference to the world we live in. We all know that evidence-based decision-making can lead to better outcomes for everyone. But what does the evidence actually say? It can be difficult for decision-makers, working to tackle urgent issues, to see the whole of the evidence base, or to sort out reliable from unreliable answers. 

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, UNCOVER has adapted well-established public health methods to find, summarise and evaluate the evidence base in answer to decision-makers' questions - from understanding disease transmission in its early days, to exploring different approaches to social and economic recovery from the pandemic around the world. Our reviews have been requested and used by decision-makers from local to international levels.

Are you a postgraduate student (Masters or PhD level) or recent graduate of the University of Edinburgh, with an interest in complex real-world challenges with a public health dimension? Do you have training or experience in systematic reviews or related methodologies? Find out more about how you can join UNCOVER and get involved in our work.

Are you a researcher, or part of a research organisation, with an interest in working on real-world challenges with a public health dimension? We welcome collaborations with others who share our interests and values.

We would love to hear more from you, if you would like to explore a potential collaboration or partnership with us.

We make our work freely and publicly available on our website, wherever possible. We recognise the value of open-access resources in supporting a global response to global challenges - from disease outbreaks to climate change.

Access our reports, reviews and publications on a wide range of topics here.

Our open-access database includes Covid-related reviews and evidence syntheses from around the world. 

We aim to build capacity for rapid evidence reviews, to help support evidence-based decision-making around the world. Our teaching and learning materials are freely available to anyone who wants to develop their own evidence synthesis skills, or support others in doing so.

We are a network of population health researchers and information specialists, including students, graduates and staff at the University of Edinburgh, and partners around the world. Find out more about our community, partnerships and funding here.