Tobacco Control Capacity Programme

Stakeholder Engagement

Focussing on how TCCP teams work with key stakeholders to design, conduct and communicate about their research.

The programme has taken a structured approach to stakeholder engagement. In the first and final year of the programme, each overseas partner has funding in their budgets to host a stakeholder engagement event in their countries. The aim of these events was to consult key stakeholders in the first year of the programme and disseminate programme results in the final year of the programme. Prior to these events each team undertook a stakeholder analysis exercise.

In January and February 2020, TCCP held two ‘Communications and Impact Training’ events, one in India and the other in Ethiopia. These were organised in partnership with the local TCCP research team and Cancer Research UK. The aim of these workshops was to support teams to develop more capacity in communicating research findings to a variety of audiences, including policy makers. Participants reported that they found the training useful and timely; with one noting that the content was “well-tailored to [research fellow] needs, very practical and engaging”.   

Group Photographs

Each team prepared a communications plan following these events, which outline how they aim to communicate the research findings from the research they are undertaking as part of the programme.  

Stakeholder Engagement Diagram