Tobacco Control Capacity Programme

Capacity Development

Focussing on supporting research fellows and the wider TCCP team to develop their skills.

The programme focuses on the capacity development of the cohort of early career researchers employed on the programme. All research fellows within the programme were assigned a co-investigator as a mentor in addition to their line manager. This mentor supports the fellows to define their personal development plan within the programme and acts as a support for them within the programme.

The programme has funding available to support research fellows to attend some formal training events. In some cases, these have been CPD courses run by partners within TCCP, such as the CPD on Tobacco run by the University of Stirling. In other cases, programme partners have delivered bespoke training to the consortium: the University of Cape Town delivered a training course on the economics of tobacco control in Cape Town and Cancer Research UK commissioned two training events on research communications to be delivered in Addis Ababa and Delhi. Where skills are not available within the consortium, fellows have been funded to attend external training courses.

The diagram below shows the approach of the programme in this area:

Research Fellow and Team development Image

Activities under this programme are monitored and evaluated with a variety of tools, including: annual personal development plan preparation, baseline and endline skills assessment, preparation of vignettes and a mid-term evaluation.