Tobacco Control Capacity Programme

Covid-19 and Tobacco

Exploring the impact of the pandemic on tobacco use.

Under TCCP, The University of Cape Town (with support from HRIDAY) is undertaking a research study analysing media reports on the tobacco ban that was introduced during the pandemic.

Some partners from within the TCCP consortium successfully secured funding to conduct a rapid study on Covid-19 and Tobacco.  The overall aim of the project was to: Generate evidence to support governments in LMICs to make informed policy decisions about the public health response in general and tobacco control interventions in particular, in the context of Covid-19 or other future infectious disease epidemics that affect respiratory health. The project was funded through an internal call for proposals from the University of Edinburgh, utilizing funding from the Scottish Funding Council, as part of their Global Challenges Research Fund.

Covid-19 and Tobacco | The University of Edinburgh