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Telescot is a programme of academic research investigating telemetric supported (i.e. internet technology enabled) self monitoring of a number of long term health conditions. Our research uses quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the potential of telemetric systems as a basis for early intervention, investigating clinical outcomes, cost efficiency, and user experience.
Telescot is a collaboration involving public, private and voluntary sector organisations.
The Telescot programme is based at the Centre for Medical Informatics within the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh.  

The Team

Professor Stewart Mercer

Co-Director of Telescot; Professor of Primary Care and Multimorbidity

Projects: ACRC New Models of Care

Top recent papers:

  • Steele Gray C, Wodchis WP, Upshur R, Tahsin F, Srinatharan J, Austin T, Cott C, McKinstry B, Mercer SW, Palen T, Ramsay T, Thavorn K, Nie J. Supporting goal-oriented primary health care for seniors’ with multimorbidity and complex care needs using mobile technology: mixed-methods, stepped-wedge cluster randomized trial of the ePRO Tool. Journal of Medical Internet Research (submitted March 2021)
  • Tahsin F, Shawn T, Chau E, McKinstry B, Mercer SW, Palen T, Ramsay T, Nie J, Thavorn K, Srinatharan J, Steele Gray C. Exploring the relationship between the usability of a goal-oriented mobile health application and non-usage attrition in patients with multimorbidity: a blended data analysis approach. Digital Health (submitted February 2021)
  • McKinstry B, Weller D, Mercer SW, Sullivan F. Would technology enabled remote consulting save time and add value in primary care? BMJ; Aug 2018

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Dr Thanasis Tsanas

Co-Director of Telescot; Senior Lecturer and Chancellor’s Fellow in Data Science

Projects: Parkinson's Telemonitoring; DARTH group

Top recent papers:

  • Tsanas A, Little MA, Ramig LO. Remote assessment of Parkinson’s disease symptom severity using the simulated cellular mobile telephone network. IEEE Access, Vol. 9, pp. 11024-11036, 2021
  • Arora S, Lo C, Hu M, Tsanas A. Smartphone speech testing for symptom assessment in rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder and Parkinson’s disease. IEEE Access, Vol. 9, pp. 44813-44824, 2021
  • Woodward K, Kanjo E, Brown D, McGinnity M, Inkster B, MacIntyre D, Tsanas A. Beyond mobile apps: a survey of technologies for mental well-being. IEEE Transactions Affective Computing, 2021 (in press)

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Professor Brian McKinstry

Founder of Telescot; Emeritus Professor of Primary Care eHealth

Projects: Scale-UP BP (clinical impact of blood pressure telemonitoring at scale); TeleCOVID (system for monitoring acute COVID at home); Scotheart-2 (CT heart scanning as a diagnostic tool in people with higher risk of cardiovascular disease); research exploring methods of automating the analysis of medical consultations; RESPIRE research in India exploring the use of specialist to non-specialist teleconsultation; project in Pakistan using text messaging to improve carers’ knowledge of under-5 pneumonia.

Top recent papers:

  • Hammersley V, Parker R, Paterson M, Hanley J, Pinnock H, Padfield P, Stoddart A, Park HG, Sheikh A, McKinstry B. Telemonitoring at scale for hypertension in primary care: An implementation study. PLoS Medicine; 2020 Jun 17;17(6):e1003124
  • Hammersley V, Donaghy E, Parker R, McNeilly H, Atherton H, Bikker A, Campbell J, McKinstry B. Comparing the content and quality of video, telephone, and face-to-face consultations: a non-randomised, quasi-experimental, exploratory study in UK primary care. British Journal of General Practice; 2019 Aug 29;69(686):e595-e604.
  • Donaghy E, Atherton H, Hammersley V, McNeilly H, Bikker A, Robbins L, Campbell J, McKinstry B. Acceptability, benefits, and challenges of video consulting: a qualitative study in primary care. British Journal of General Practice; 2019 Aug 29;69(686):e586-e594.

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Dr Kathrin Cresswell

Senior Lecturer; Chief Scientist Office Chancellor’s Fellow; Director of Innovation

Projects: Global Digital Exemplar Programme Evaluation; ePrescribing-based Antimicrobial Stewardship (ePAMS+); CDT in Biomedical AI

Top recent papers:

  • Cresswell K, Williams R, Sheikh A. Developing and Applying a Formative Evaluation Framework for Health Information Technology Implementations: Qualitative Investigation. J Med Internet Res 2020; 22(6):e15068
  • Cresswell K, Williams R, Carlile N, Sheikh A. Why digitally-enabled health system transformation needs different forms of innovation. BMJ Health & Care Informatics 2020; 27:e100173
  • Azodo I, Williams R, Sheikh A, Cresswell K. Opportunities and Challenges Surrounding the Use of Data From Wearable Sensor Devices in Health Care: Qualitative Interview Study. J Med Internet Res 2020; 22(10):e19542

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Dr Maria Wolters

Reader in Design Informatics

Projects: IMMERSE Project

Top recent papers:

  • Kresnye KC, Alqassim M, Hollins B, Wolters MK, Siek KA. What to Expect When You are No Longer Expecting: Information Needs of Women who Experienced a Miscarriage. In: Proceedings of the 14th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare; May 2020; pp. 85-96
  • Leslie D, Mazumder A, Peppin A, Wolters MK, Hagerty A. Does "AI" stand for augmenting inequality in the era of covid-19 healthcare? BMJ. 2021 Mar 15;372:n304
  • Kim N, Kim JH, Wolters MK, MacPherson SE, Park JC. Automatic Scoring of Semantic Fluency. Frontiers in Psychology. 2019 May 16;10:1020

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Professor Ewen Harrison

Professor of Surgery and Data Science and Honorary Consultant Surgeon

Projects: Tracking wound infection with smartphone technology (TWIST) clinical trial; ImplementatioN of Remote surgical wOund Assessment during the coviD-19 pandEmic (INROADE) interventional study; Surgical Informatics

Top recent papers:

  • McLean KA, Mountain KE, Shaw CA, Drake TM, Ots R, Knight SR, Fairfield CJ, Sgrò A, Skipworth RJE, Wigmore SJ, Potter MA, Harrison EM. Can a smartphone-delivered tool facilitate the assessment of surgical site infection and result in earlier treatment? Tracking wound infection with smartphone technology (TWIST): protocol for a randomised controlled trial in emergency surgery patients. BMJ Open. 2019 Oct 3;9(10):e029620

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Dr Chi Yan Hui, Io

Research Fellow

Projects: A4A+ (IoT Connected System for Asthma Self-management)

Top recent papers:

  • Hui CY, McKinstry B, Fulton O, Buchner M, Pinnock H. Patients’ and Clinicians’ Visions of a Future Internet-of-Things System to Support Asthma Self-Management: Mixed Methods Study. Journal of medical Internet research. 2021 Apr 13;23(4):e22432
  • Hui CY, McKinstry B, Fulton O, Buchner M, Pinnock H. Patients and clinicians perceived trust in internet-of-things (IoTs) systems to support asthma self-management: a qualitative study. JMIR Preprints 2020 Sept:24127
  • Hui CY, Walton R, McKinstry B, Jackson T, Parker R, Pinnock H. The use of mobile applications to support self-management for people with asthma: a systematic review of controlled studies to identify features associated with clinical effectiveness and adherence. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 2017 May 1;24(3):619-32

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Professor Chris Weir

Personal Chair of Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials

Projects: co-leading the statistical work of the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit.

Top recent papers:

Weir C, Heazell AEP, Whyte S, Norman J. Evaluating improvement interventions using routine data to support a learning health system: research design, data access, analysis and reporting. BMJ Quality & Safety. 2020 Feb 25;bmjqs-2019-010068

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Samantha Smith

HISES Innovation Project Team Manager

Projects: Care Home Data Platform Innovation Foundation Challenge; Improving Hip Fracture Outcomes Using Data; Improving Multi-morbidity Acute Care Using Data Analytics; Kindocoin - Creating Strong Digitally Connected Communities; Inpatients Diabetes

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Dr Margaret MacDonald

Telescot Administrator

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