Usher Institute

Types of degree

Our three postgraduate research programmes are: Population Health Sciences, Global Health and Medical Informatics. We offer PhD/MPhil/MD/MSc by Research.

Research degrees can be undertaken part-time or full-time. Degrees offered by the Usher Institute, and supervised by academic members of staff within the Usher Institute, form part of either the postgraduate research programme in Population Health Sciences, in Global Health or in Medical Informatics.

Details on eligibility for these programmes are given at:

Postgraduate research programme in Population Health Sciences (PHS)

Postgraduate research programme in Global Health (GH)

Postgraduate research programme in Medical Informatics (MI)


The following degrees are offered:

  • PhD  Candidates for the degree of PhD pursue a research project, under the supervision of one or more members of the Usher Institute academic research staff (perhaps also including as supervisors staff of an associated research units or institutions within the University, or within an external collaborating institution). The period of study is 36 months if studying full-time, or 72 months if studying part-time. The outcome of the research is a thesis written by the candidate, and the doctorate is awarded if the thesis is judged to be of an appropriate standard, and the research makes a definite contribution to knowledge.
  • MPhil  Candidates for the degree of MPhil by thesis pursue a research project under broadly the same conditions as those applying to PhD candidates, except that the period of study is 24 months full time or 60 months part-time, with appropriate reduction to the scale/scope of the research undertaken.
  • MD
  • MSc by Research  The programme of study for MSc by Research is tailored to an individual student's requirements and in the Usher Institute typically comprises research training and a supervised dissertation. The period of study is normally 12 months full-time or 36 months part-time.


In many cases individual supervision with respect to the research project is supplemented by selected modules of the taught Master of Public Health programme and/or by other training courses.

Taught Master of Public Health programme