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Currently available funded PhD studentships

Usher Institute Postgraduate Research Programmes

There are three postgraduate research programmes within the Usher Institute: Population Health Sciences, Global Health and Medical Informatics.

Usher Institute postgraduate research programmes

Currently available PhD studentships as part of these programmes are listed below.

Project title (linked to project description) Supervisors Application Deadline

EASTBIO - Characterisation of the collagen organisation and its regulation via cell-matrix interactions

Dr Miguel Bernabeu, Prof Val Brunton 6 January 2021

Machine Learning-based Prognostic Models for Improved Asthma Management Using UK-Wide Electronic Health Records

Dr Syed Ahmar ShahProfessor Aziz Sheikh 15 January 2021

Artificial intelligence in practice: implementing data-driven technologies in organizations

Dr Luciana D'Adderio, Prof Ewen Harrison 15 March 2021

Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme

The MRC Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme, a joint programme between the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, has some studentships that are supervised by members of the Usher Institute.

A list of currently available projects which have a connection to the Usher Institute is listed below. The complete list of projects is available on the Precision Medicine website.

Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme