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Postgraduate Research Programmes 2021

Information for new and continuing Postgraduate Research Students in the Usher Institute 2021

Usher Institute Postgraduate Research Programmes 2021

At the Usher Institute your safety is our top priority.

We realise that September 2021 is an anxious time for our new and continuing postgraduate research (PGR) students.  However, we want to reassure you that we continue to be open and  supervising postgraduate research projects, including those students starting in the new academic year which begins on 13 September 2020.

Further information on our Usher Institute postgraduate research degree programmes

Lectures, seminars and research supervision

In order to keep our community safe, research and teaching activities in Usher may be either digital or in person. The University is adopting a hybrid model, blending the best that we can offer you from both worlds.

Continuing your studies - postgraduate research programmes at The University of Edinburgh

Information on seminars specific to Usher Institute PGR students are available in your programme handbook and will be advertised through mailing lists. All postgraduate taught courses in the Usher Institute, some of which PGR students may be given permission to attend, will be delivered online in 2021/2022.

Student supervision

PGR student supervision in the Usher Institute will initially be delivered online with opportunities for face to face meetings to come when safe spaces are made available. Your project supervisors or programme administrator will be able to discuss how this might work for you and your particular situation. In many situations, it is anticipated that we will use a hybrid model of both direct and indirect interactions.  If you have any questions please contact


We are excited to welcome all our continuing and new PGR students to the Usher Institute community. If you need any local support please contact PGR student administration ( or one of your supervisors in the first instance. More information on support available locally can be found in our student handbook, including members of our PG Research Degrees Committee who are available for advice and support.  Please be reassured that the Usher Institute and the wider University has lots of expertise in looking after students.

A good place to start is the student Health and Wellbeing webpage


Welcome to The Usher Institute and we look forward to working together.


Jackie Price (PG Director) and Sebastien George (PG Administrator) on behalf of the Usher Institute PGR Degree Committee

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