NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health (RESPIRE)

Platform II: Capacity Building, Education & Training

Leads: Hana Mahmood, Neoventive Solutions & Ruth McQuillan, University of Edinburgh

This platform focuses on increasing the number of health professionals and researchers who are trained to undertake high quality research in RESPIRE partner countries.


This platform is co-led by:

  • Dr Hana Mahmood, Director of Research, Public Health, Neoventive Solutions
  • Dr Ruth McQuillan, Reader at Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh


Husna Muhamad, based at Universiti Malaya is RESPIRE’s Capacity Building Coordinator, and works closely with project leads and Partners.


Platform II: RESPIRE Fellowships

Delegates at RESPIRE GFGP workshop
Supporting future leaders in respiratory research

Platform II: RESPIRE Studentships

RESPIRE PhD students freestyle pose
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Platform II: Capacity Building Resources

RESPIRE PhD students by posters at ASM 2019
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