NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health (RESPIRE)

Successful RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting 2020

Virtual RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting with invited VIPS and guests from all partner countries

participants of the RESPIRE ASM

This year’s RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) took place online over the 24th and 25th November, and featured impact and activity from across the Collaboration.

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Keynote Address

Our keynote speech, as part of our external showcase on the 24th November, was presented by Professor Kathryn Maitland, Imperial College London. Her fascinating address discussed her experience of delivering multi-country clinical trials in critical illness with limited resources.

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Showcase presentations

Presentations from representatives from all the partner institutions highlighted the achievements across the collaboration. These focused on four key areas: stakeholder engagement, community engagement and involvement, creating clinical research capacity, and creating data management capacity.

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Three-Minute Thesis-Style Video Competition

As part of this year’s ASM, the RESPIRE PhD students were asked to submit a 3-minute video of their research. We had some fantastic entries which were scored by our judging panel, comprising of members of our partners institutions and the RESPIRE International Steering Committee.

The videos which received the top-three highest scores were invited to present live during the ASM and answer audience questions, with a poll to determine the ultimate winner.

With her presentation called ‘mHealth for Pneumonia (and COVID-19) Prevention’, Hana Mahmood was the overall winner.

The two runners-up were Ahmed Ehsanur Rahman, with his presentation ‘Feasibility of introducing pulse oximetry in routine IMCI services in rural Bangladesh’, and Lois King with her presentation ‘Exploring the interplay between political prioritisation practices in global health and childhood pneumonia governance in Bangladesh’

“When I was preparing my presentation, frankly it was not for winning but for showcasing what my PhD was all about. These three minutes was all I had to tell the world what my research was and I wanted it to be clear, crisp and to the point. I guess that thought worked!”

Hana MahmoodRESPIRE ASM 3-minute Thesis-Style Competition Winner

Watch Hana’s winning video presentation:

Video: 'mHealth for Pneumonia (and COVID-19) Prevention' RESPIRE 3-Minute Thesis-Style video by Hana Mahmood, RESPIRE PhD student
'mHealth for Pneumonia (and COVID-19) Prevention' RESPIRE 3-Minute Thesis-Style video by Hana Mahmood, RESPIRE PhD student

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Workshops and Fellows presentations

The second day of the RESPIRE ASM was internally focussed with workshops reflecting on multi-country working and the lessons that have been learned on research ethics in global research.

Additionally, the RESPIRE Fellows gave presentations which outlined their work across the four RESPIRE Partner counties: Malaysia, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

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