NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health (RESPIRE)

Enabling the discovery of RESPIRE datasets to facilitate future research

Details of datasets generated by RESPIRE projects are now available to discover on the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway.

RESPIRE is taking steps to share information on datasets, known as metadata, generated by projects across the collaboration to enable their use in future research.

Working in partnership with BREATHE – the Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health, details of RESPIRE datasets are listed on the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway, a website providing a common entry point to discover and enquire about access to health datasets for research and innovation.

Potential for additional benefits and wider impact

By signposting to existing datasets, we are providing the opportunity for data to be re-used or built upon in future research. This could lead to new collaborations, shared learning, and wider impact.

Within a few weeks of publishing my PhD metadata on the Gateway, I received an enquiry about the datasets which has led to discussions around a potential collaboration opportunity with industry.

Rutuja PatilRESPIRE PhD Student

From the Gateway, researchers will be able to see information that describes what the different datasets are. This includes where the dataset has come from, a description of the dataset, the time period and the geographical areas the dataset covers.

Protecting privacy

The Gateway does not store any datasets, or patient or health data, but rather acts as a portal to allow the discovery of datasets and to request access to them for research and innovation. 

Data is held securely with the data controller, and any requests to access data will be managed in line with the relevant legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks, and with appropriate safeguards in place to protect the privacy of individuals.

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