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Hilary Pinnock awarded Honorary Chair at UPM, Malaysia

Congratulations to Professor Hilary Pinnock who has been awarded an Honorary Chair at the Universiti Putra Malaysia

The Honorary Chair recognises Hilary’s ongoing work with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), on primary care respiratory research in the country. 

I am very honoured to have been offered this chair. I have been working with colleagues from UPM for some years, but this award really makes me feel I am part of ‘Team Malaysia’! Primary care respiratory research in Malaysia is thriving, and I know will continue to develop in the coming years, as the on-going RESPIRE projects, PhDs and Fellowships come to fruition.

Professor Hilary PinnockRESPIRE Programme 2 Lead, UK lead for Malaysia
Hani Salim, PhD student, pictured with Hilary Pinnock
Hilary Pinnock (R) pictured with PhD student Hani Salim (L)

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