NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health (RESPIRE)

Community perception on approaches to promote adherence to public health measures

This project is based at Neoventive Solutions in Pakistan


  • Project title:  Community perception on effective approaches to promote acceptance and adherence to public health measures for COVID-19 prevention and control
  • Based at:  Neoventive Solutions
  • Start date:  June 2020
  • End date:  January 2021
  • Principal investigator:  Dr Tabish Hazir
  • Project team:  Dr Hana Mahmood, Hira Kiani, Syed Yahya Sheraz, Saman Mujeeb


Carefully designed public health interventions can have a major impact on containing the spread of COVID-19.

Although many public health interventions are based on scientific logic, the social, behavioural and contextual realities of communities have a significant role to play in the design of interventions which are more likely to be accepted and acted upon by communities.

Some of the most common measures, implemented in countries across the globe to contain COVID-19, include self-isolation and social distancing. These interventions have proven hard to manage, posing multiple challenges in the Pakistani community, which follows strong cultural and social beliefs.

It is important to identify the perception, practice and attitude of the community towards containing this disease.

Aim and impact

The aim of the study is to determine community perspectives on COVID-19 to identify relevant, feasible and effective approaches to promote acceptance, uptake and adherence of public health measures for the prevention and control of the disease in Pakistan.

This will enable relevant authorities to develop robust communication mechanisms for the public to adhere to aspects of social distancing and quarantine, in the long run reducing transmission of the infection and lessening the burden on the healthcare system.

It will also enable the authorities to improve preparedness for any future epidemics.

Key developments

  • Project final report submitted.
  • The project was discussed with the parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination.

Project data

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