NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health (RESPIRE)

Platform III: Methodology & Data Science

Leads: John Norrie, Sanjay Juvekar & Shams El Arifeen

This platform provides methodological support for RESPIRE programmes, as well as developing data science solutions to maximise the efficient and safe use of routine data within and across the participating RESPIRE countries, in a sustainable way. This includes data sharing, transfer, depositing and management.

Key activities

We support each project to develop a data management plan, outlining how data will be handled both during the research project and after the project is completed. 

We work closely with partners to identify secure repositories for all project data. Where appropriate, each RESPIRE project will make research data available on an open access data repository, so it may be reused and built upon in future research. Where this is not possible, for example due to the sensitive nature of the research or a small population size, access to the data will be managed in a secure and responsible manner.

We are enabling the discovery of all RESPIRE datasets by listing their details, in the form of metadata, on the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway – a website providing a common entry point to discover and enquire about access to health datasets for research and innovation.

We are also advising partners to prepare data access statements for inclusion in published articles, to raise awareness of their datasets in peer-reviewed journals and reports.

Data Champions, based within each RESPIRE partner organisation, are working closely with the Methodology and Data Science team to facilitate data management activities locally and build data sharing expertise in-country.

Please note that project-specific information, including data management plans, metadata, and details on datasets and related items, can be found on individual project/Fellow/PhD pages.


The platform is co-led by:

  • John Norrie, Professor of Medical Statistics and Trial Methodology, University of Edinburgh
  • Sanjay Juvekar, Officer in Charge, Vadu Rural Health Program, King Edward Memorial Hospital Research Centre (KEMHRC) Pune, India
  • Shams El Arifeen, Senior Director, Maternal and Child Health/icddr,b, Bangladesh

Moni Choudhury, Methodology and Data Science Coordinator, University of Edinburgh, works closely with project leads and Partners.


Examples of the work that has been carried out in Platform III:

  • Details of datasets generated by RESPIRE projects are now available to discover on the Health Data Research Innovation Gateway.

Enabling the discovery of RESPIRE datasets to facilitate future research

  • Cross-country research data management can be tricky to navigate. Find out how we’re tackling the journey with our partners in India.

The road to successful research data management

  • In January 2021, RESPIRE co-hosted a webinar series along with the NIHR Global Health Groups, ASTRA and RECHARGE entitled ‘Global health research: Challenges with data management and data sharing across continents'. Moni Choudhury, RESPIRE’s Data Science & Methodology Coordinator, reflects on the event and what learnings were gained.

How to manage data across continents: reflections and resources from our webinar sessions

  • In June 2021, RESPIRE attended the 16th International Conference on Open Repositories. Moni Choudhury, the Data Science and Methodology Manager for RESPIRE, presented one of the deliverables of RESPIRE: to deposit and share research data in an open-source repository.  

Seeking seamless depositing solutions for multi country (LMIC) qualitative data