NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health (RESPIRE)

Platform I: Stakeholder Engagement & Governance

Leads: Devi Sridhar & Siân Williams

This platform focusses on how we work to promote shared understanding and develop effective, reciprocal and ethical working relationships, and to maximise the local, regional and global impact from the new knowledge and experience generated by RESPIRE.


This platform is co-led by:

  • Devi Sridhar, Professor of Global Public Health, University of Edinburgh
  • Siân Williams, Chief Executive Officer, International Primary Care Respiratory Group

Research Fellows

  • Tracy Jackson, RESPIRE Community Engagement and Involvement (CEI) Research Fellow, provides CEI expertise.
  • Genevie Fernandes, RESPIRE Stakeholder Engagement Research Fellow, provides technical expertise and academic research support on stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder Engagement Champions

We also have Stakeholder Engagement Champions based in each of the RESPIRE Partner countries who lead their teams to engage stakeholders, including patients and carers, policymakers, media, workforce including professional societies and healthcare employers, other academics departments, citizens and donors. Read about them and their work.

Stakeholder Engagement Champions


Examples of work across the RESPIRE Partner countries carried out as part of Platform I:

The Bangladesh Primary Care Respiratory Society have been engaging the community, opinion leaders, service providers & policymakers about the benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in chronic lung diseases and published an article reflecting their experiences:

Engaging with stakeholders in a research programme to promote implementation of pulmonary rehabilitation in Bangladesh: Challenges and opportunities

icddr,b have marshalled government stakeholders at the national and district level in Bangladesh resulting in updated national guidelines for introducing pulse oximetry in routine management of childhood pneumonia.

The Projahnmo Research Foundation have engaged district and national level policy makers to ensure the scaling up of digital auscultation (listening to lung sounds) into country-wide guidelines to improve the diagnosis of pneumonia in children under 5.

A massive stakeholder engagement exercise (120 meetings with community members and leaders) contributed to the recruitment of 11,000 participants for a COVID-19 sero-surveillance study in India.

Sero-surveillance during COVID-19

Capacity building (through an 8-week online course) of 50 physicians across charity hospitals in India to deliver a RESPIRE-tested chronic respiratory disease management intervention for rural and often hard-to-reach populations.

Community engagement with adults and children in Malaysia to dispel myths and stigma around asthma. Several resources coproduced with individuals and children living with asthma developed for dissemination.

Inspired by the online series, ‘Humans of New York’, the RESPIRE Malaysia team has gathered stories of people’s experiences of how they live with asthma.

Asthma Real Life Stories

The RESPIRE Malaysia team created a social media challenge to raise awareness of the experiences of those with asthma.

Asthma Straw Challenge

The RESPIRE Malaysia team have created a booklet for use in schools to raise awareness of and dispel myths around children’s asthma.

We Have Asthma - Activity Book for Children with Asthma

The RESPIRE Malaysia team have created videos on inhaler technique and how to use a peak flow meter.

Instructional videos

Neoventive Solutions in Pakistan have influenced two national level consultations on maternal and child health and nutrition organised by the Ministry of Health and UNICEF.

Public engagement in Pakistan around pollen allergy, and nasal irrigation and gargling for suspected COVID-19 have been led by the Allergy and Asthma Institute through consultations, videos, animation, and a documentary film.